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Sunday, May 20, 2012

After night comes day

I started this as a comment on the other post then i thought i might as well make a new one out of it.

I have to say; it's amazing what a bit of sleep can do. Although i didn't sleep brilliantly it has made yesterday pass and today arrive anew. Oh and being given an orgasm or two and the pleasure of giving Sir a blowjob didn't hurt either *grins*.

I guess i still feel all of that above (last post), although today my spirits are higher - which is good :-)

So far today we've just lounged in bed, i'm not sure what's on the menu for today, it seems like the weather is slightly more overcast today than yesterdays glorious weather, although it don't seem bad. We'll see what happens.

To all of you: have a nice Sunday (i think most everyone is still there, for kiwi and other friends in the other hemisphere: good night :-))

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