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Sweet words

I have only just realised just how difficult it is to miss one's Master. Even though Master and I don't actually meet, not having the regular contact with Him have had me feeling at a loss. But just a hint to You Doms out there - a few sweet words make all the difference in the world! The last few mails from Master has made me feel...treasured and wanted =) Which makes the time appart more bearable, because I now know I'm not being silly or (overly) clingy (because clingy I probably am ;) )

But the message of the day is: Dare to say those sweet words if You think them -because they will be much appreciated and make Your subbie break out into a smile =) And hopefully s/he will dare to say them too! ;)

Being sweet does not make You any less of a Dom ;)

Hope everyone is having a very nice Xmas!

I'm Swedish so I celebrated it yesterday, but I guess most of you celebrate it today ;)

 Happy Holidays!

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Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas to You All!

This got me thinking though...Is it Merry to all? I'm sure most people will find joy in the people they have around them. This is a time when family and friends have a special opportunity to meet and reconnect with eachother, many of which one might not have seen since the last holiday gathering. It also tends to turn up one disaster or another -as it almost always does with family! Santa will have had a few too many to drink before the big HO! HO! HO! Kids are squabbeling about their gifts; who got the biggest? Who got the best? Who got the most expensive one? The teenagers will be sulking and wondering when they can go back to the fortress that is their room. Mum is stressed and Grandma is telling the tales of "In my days..." yet again, and Grandpa is probably asleep in front of the TV.

But it tends to turn out to be a good time anyways. We will later laugh about all the silliness of the so called disasters and we will remember the good things -at least what we got for Christmas present!

But how about those other people? Or rather, people like Us? Some will be right in the disaster/joy celebrations, how do they do TTWD? How can they keep that dynamic with all those unwitting friends and relatives?
And all those of us who cannot be with their Master/slave for one reason or another, how do they keep the dynamic? It is much more difficult to keep to tasks and rules and such with all this other stuff around. How does one keep the submissive mindset? Does one need to at all? How can that connection be maintained?

And what will happen afterwards? How easy is it to just "jump back into" the roles again? I might be stereotypical in saying this (but I will anyway), but I think it's easier for Doms. They don't have to really shut off their dominance, because it probably already shines through in their everyday persona, on some level or another. So, what about the subs? Even the subs that are spending their holiday with their Master might find this difficult, even if they have managed to keep some of the dynamic throughout. Maybe they've just exchanged subtle glances to eachother, asking for and giving (or not giving) permission and such. And then there's maybe the opportunity to do more so in private, if that luxury is possible. To then go back to normal will probably take some effort. Is it more difficult to do this as a sub when there isn't that connection? How will one get back into a submissive state of mind?
Is it possible to keep it up even without the tasks and rules and the contact? How would one achieve that?

I for one, will have at best patchy communication with my Master, and I know that that will be difficult for me, for several reasons. The biggest one has to be that loss of contact. I know, or atleast I think, I will feel at a loss atleast some of the time. Even if I do get tasks and rules, or whatever, to keep me somewhat "in place", it will be different. I will have to ponder what I, myself, can do that might help.

If there's anyone that have stumbled upon this blog yet (which I doubt) -  How do YOU do?

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A place to start

Hi and Welcome!

I have started this blog to have a place to reflect over this journey of submission that I am on.

It's my hope that submissives as well as Doms will find a place to have discussions about all facets of the lives we are leading in This Thing We Do (Yes, that is knicked from another blog! You probably know whom's if You have found Your way here ;) )

I would love to hear from you all! And again Welcome to my humble abode  =)

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Reading to keep an eye on

Reading to keep an eye on

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