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On my way to bed so this will be a really quick one (sorry to disappoint your dirty minds!  No such luck!).

Tomorrow i sit my first exam. Programming. i don't have a habit of being nervous but  have to admit i am a bit. My studies have not been the best organized. i may have gotten top grades on everything -it's just i dunno how i've worked it!!

Well, around 2pm tomorrow my time (UCT+1) maybe you could send me some good vibes?

iD Programming Academy - Advanced Programming for the Java AP Exam


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Miss me?

Sorry i've been MIA again! As Sir wrote in his blog yesterday i am drowning in school work. Still am, so yes this post might effectively be a tiny bit of a procrastination technique -a good and well needed one though!
I can proudly announce that so far i have gotten top marks on every single assignment (14 of them, first 2 were just activation assignments though where you presented yourself and such). But yeah kinda proud of that, especially since i haven't even got a clue how i solved the last 3 programming assignments! o.O But i did, so i must know something at least! *lol*
Final exams are next weekend and i'm feeling just a teenyweeny bit pressured. So what do i do? Instead of doing all that cramming i've scheduled in, i do...other stuff. It's been really nice weather though, which i've mostly missed out on due to studying, i might actually take my book out and sit in the sun with it. The stuff i need the computer for i can do later.

So that's it, for the RL part. So how about me and Brutus?
Well, i'd say that in general we have improved a lot (not that i let that show last night in any way. Sorry Sir!).
Last time we were together i really tried to be submissive. I  find it very difficult to mix Vanilla and D/s though, so the vanilla time of our travels were mostly that i'd say. Once back home though i really really tried. I think more than Sir even realized, or noticed. We did pretty well though i have to say. If it was simply for the fact that i wasn't being a bitch like the previous two times, or if it was due to more than that i am unsure of. However i really felt a need to be Dominated and an urge to be submissive. I wouldn't say i got quite to the point where i want to be but it was a vast improvement from later times.
Now there are big changes on the horizon once again, ones i know will set our dynamic to the test for sure! Like trips to IKEA and such  = P (that includes more than a bit of browsing and getting a thing or two).

Yeah IKEA and my studies will be my downfall for sure *lol*.
Although by the time i see Sir next time these two modules will be finished and i'll be on a break (*knocks on wood and prays that there will be no unwanted interference by certain authorities*)

Then when i return part two of the programming will start! *gulp* This has made me realize one thing: i really need to do some math! My math "skills" don't even reach high school standards *blush*, and the math is getting ever more complicated  : /  The computer tech will be all done and dusted (which is the other module i am doing right now), and the new one will be Webdevelopment  = D

OK, enough rambling and procrastination from my side now i guess!

But hmm... should eat something.......


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Reading to keep an eye on

Reading to keep an eye on

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