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We all love to hear we do a good job don't we? We want to be recognized for what we do, for the effort we put in -whether it's a "Well done today" from a boss or co-worker, or a sweet hug in thanks from a friend we have helped. But nothing, nothing compares to the praise of your Dom!

As most submissives, I think, I am happy to give my Sir whatever I can, praise or no praise -but when you get to hear those magic words "Good girl" or "you have pleased me", then you rocket to the skies and end up on some fluffy little cloud with the No.9 on it's postbox, and you just sit there smiling with a big goofy grin on your face.

They are such simple words, but they hold so much in them. They hold praise; affirmation that you have done something pleasing. They hold pride; they give pride to the recipient of those words, but they also show pride from the giver. But most of all -they hold affection.

Those simple words makes us feel seen, appreciated and cared for. They make us feel safe. Safe in our role as their submissive, but also in our person. But mostly I think it makes us feel treasured. And all from just a few simple words of endearment. So simple yet so significant.

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The difference in submission II

This is a follow up of my previous post  about the difference in submission. I spoke of how I sometimes do things out of submission, but don't feel submissive whilst doing them.

xPygarx and I discussed the difference of the two, and how he as a Dom saw it.
Now if I had published the original reply to his comment it would've set the world record as the longest comment reply in history! So I made it into this follow up post instead.

P's advice to me was to discuss this with Master, I had done this already, and I'm glad I did because it was weighing me down unnecessarily.  Master and I discussed this and He understands it and isn't all that bothered by it (and by that I don't mean about my feelings, just to clarify), or maybe worried is a better choice of word here.
In our discussion I made it very clear that I do feel submissive to Him -undoubtedly so. Just not in some of the actions I have been asked to do. I feel duty in doing them, and I always do my best so don't get me wrong, and it gives me great pleasure when He is pleased with my performance. It just don't make me feel submissive in a sense that I get into a different mindset during the action itself.
Master's take on this was that it may be because He isn't very strict, He gives me a lot of freedom and a big scope to play with. What we agreed on doing is that I would kneel for a time after every shower (due to my living arrangements I kinda had to modify that as I went along), and after a few days of doing that He said that I could now do it when I feel the need to feel more submissive. This helps -and I like to kneel, I can't wait for a time where I will be able to kneel at His feet -just the thought of it makes me break out in a smile  =)

I can gladly say that Master isn't one of those stereotypical Doms Px speaks of; the stereotypical Dom that say "it isn't about her it is about me" and not care about her feelings as long as the submission is there.

We/i also concluded that it might be because the submission don't feel the same to me as it did in the beginning -you know when you have that kinda sub-frenzy as a proper newbie?
I am still a newbie, but I think that glorification has worn off. And that is probably the biggest thing that causes this confusion in me; I have changed and grown, and I just haven't really caught up with myself yet.
I've come a long way in a very short space of time, and I guess I'm acclimatizing to it all.
But basically, and this was a very important realization for me, it isn't my submission that is the problem, it is about me catching up with myself in my progression. It has become a part of me, it isn't any longer a "new persona" that I'm eager to (ful)fill, it has become me. And I also know for sure that it will be completely different when I am right before Him, because even in my thoughts and dreams about it I feel different -I feel submissive just by being there, even in my mind's eye.

Maybe one can conclude that it isn't about a difference in submission, just the perception of and feelings around it?

But, this begs a new question: How do you catch up with your own progression when it lags behind mentally?

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The difference in submission

I was pondering this in a blogpost to my Master on His personal blog a while ago.
I was saying how often I don't feel submissive in my actions. I do things out of submission, but don't necessarily feel submissive doing them.

Does this make the action any less significant? Is it the doing or the feeling behind the action that is of importance? Does it have any bearing on my submission either way?

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Reading to keep an eye on

Reading to keep an eye on

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