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First Meetings -The report

It's long overdue, but here it is, the tale of my first meeting with Master.

I arrived on Sunday evening and He stood there waiting for me at the gate. I hadn't actually been nervous at all (contrary to all my predictions), not until I stood at the luggage carousel waiting for my bag -that's when I got a text message from my friend. First one was harmless -I was so glad she didn't ask how I was doing! Because I had completely disconnected myself from how I felt. Then it came. text message number two; Are you nervous? I berated her for that one, saying how well she'd been doing not asking. She said she couldn't help herself -evil woman!  *LOL*
I started feeling slightly nervous. Fortunately it only took another minute or so before I saw my bag. I grabbed it, chucked my rucksack on my back and walked towards the gate. I knew if I stopped to think I'd freak, so I didn't -I just walked straight out there, and there He stood. I felt a bit embarrassed, I don't know why but I did. Well, embarrassed in a kind of shy way. We said Hi and hugged and kissed on the cheek. Then we walked out to the car. He asked if I needed help with my bags, I said No. It was a welcome distraction, it meant my hands was busy and I had something to focus on.

Once in His car that distraction was gone. I don't know what I did at first but once that car was moving I kept my eyes closed for most of the journey  *LOL*  Weird I know.  But He has a convertible and it was so nice feeling the air whip all around me. And it was comfy, the car was really comfy to sit in. So I sat there with my eyes closed, just feeling.
I'm easily distracted so having my eyes closed also made me focus. I figured I could watch the view later.
So there I sat with my eyes closed, smiling. It felt good. I was no longer embarrassed, I just felt calm and.....happy.
I could feel His hand on my leg and it felt so right.
With Him touching me I could feel myself centring, finding my core -my submissive core. Eventually I touched Him back. I put my hand on His arm and felt His warmth.
My mantra started playing in my head  -completely unconsciously-  and it calmed me even more, made me smile even more.
I was here! I was finally here! Eight months. After 8 months of chatting I was finally here with Him. For real. In the flesh.

We got to His apartment, cooked a quick meal. After we'd eaten He put my collar on and that was it -I'll leave that part to your imagination  ;)

That was so nice though, finally connecting. Finally feeling Him!

The rest of the week was full of sightseeing, sex, bondage and spankings.  *Grins widely*

It was all I'd expected and more. Although I hadn't actually expected much -I was afraid if building something up in my head and that it would feel "wrong" if it turned out differently.
I've of course dreamt and fantasized about it a lot.

I had a wonderful time and I can't wait till the next time I get to see Him! Be with Him.

Can't wait.

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Well that's the update you get for now -but I'll be back!

Thank you all for your good wishes -I appreciate them a lot!

See ya soon!

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One and the same again

One day.
One day till I get to meet the One Man
for the 1st time.

1 journey to arrive at another Journey.

(I wish I could say it was 1 flight too, but that would be lying  *LOL*)

I feel a lot calmer than I thought I would, than I have earlier -maybe it will hit me tomorrow?
I'm not worried, but then I never have been.
I trust Him implicitly.
I'm full of anticipation.
I'm excited.

I'm finally going to see Him.
I'll finally be able to feel Him.
Touch Him.
Be touched by Him.
Touched and spanked and bound.


Wish me luck!
( not that I need it -I'm lucky already! ;-) )

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10 days -that's how long it is till I get to meet my Master for the first time. It will be 10 days of anxiousness, nervousness, excitement and anticipation -and Oh did I mention nervousness?!?

Master isn't nervous -excited and full of anticipation maybe, but no nervousness. If that is due to being a man or an in control Dom I can't tell.
Is nervousness a typical womanly reaction to new things? To new BIG things. Big things that will bring our life to a whole new level.
Maybe it is.
All I know is that I am very, very nervous! What am I nervous about? I really don't know. Maybe about stepping off the plane and suddenly stand there right in front of Him, in the flesh. Of getting to do all the things we have spoken of so often and that I have wanted for so long. Maybe I'm nervous it won't be as I've seen it to be in my head? The way I've imagined it to be. That how I react won't be as I've expected. I don't know. I'm confused by my own feelings, my own reactions -although not surprised by them.

I do know one thing though; 

I want it SO much!
I have waited for this moment for so long, and I know it will be wonderful -I just know it.
It doesn't stop my head running a mile a minute when I think about it, or that it makes my heart stutter and speed up.

I will be a nervous wreck during my travel to get to Him.
I'll be shaking and about to go into pieces walking through that gate.

But being embraced by those arms, feeling His warmth, His strength -Him, all that will melt away. I'll be home. Where I belong; with Him.
Albeit only for a short while, but for that short while I'll be Home. 

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Looking around

Where did my readers go? =(

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Reading to keep an eye on

Reading to keep an eye on

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