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Friday, May 10, 2013


Miss me?

Sorry i've been MIA again! As Sir wrote in his blog yesterday i am drowning in school work. Still am, so yes this post might effectively be a tiny bit of a procrastination technique -a good and well needed one though!
I can proudly announce that so far i have gotten top marks on every single assignment (14 of them, first 2 were just activation assignments though where you presented yourself and such). But yeah kinda proud of that, especially since i haven't even got a clue how i solved the last 3 programming assignments! o.O But i did, so i must know something at least! *lol*
Final exams are next weekend and i'm feeling just a teenyweeny bit pressured. So what do i do? Instead of doing all that cramming i've scheduled in, i do...other stuff. It's been really nice weather though, which i've mostly missed out on due to studying, i might actually take my book out and sit in the sun with it. The stuff i need the computer for i can do later.

So that's it, for the RL part. So how about me and Brutus?
Well, i'd say that in general we have improved a lot (not that i let that show last night in any way. Sorry Sir!).
Last time we were together i really tried to be submissive. I  find it very difficult to mix Vanilla and D/s though, so the vanilla time of our travels were mostly that i'd say. Once back home though i really really tried. I think more than Sir even realized, or noticed. We did pretty well though i have to say. If it was simply for the fact that i wasn't being a bitch like the previous two times, or if it was due to more than that i am unsure of. However i really felt a need to be Dominated and an urge to be submissive. I wouldn't say i got quite to the point where i want to be but it was a vast improvement from later times.
Now there are big changes on the horizon once again, ones i know will set our dynamic to the test for sure! Like trips to IKEA and such  = P (that includes more than a bit of browsing and getting a thing or two).

Yeah IKEA and my studies will be my downfall for sure *lol*.
Although by the time i see Sir next time these two modules will be finished and i'll be on a break (*knocks on wood and prays that there will be no unwanted interference by certain authorities*)

Then when i return part two of the programming will start! *gulp* This has made me realize one thing: i really need to do some math! My math "skills" don't even reach high school standards *blush*, and the math is getting ever more complicated  : /  The computer tech will be all done and dusted (which is the other module i am doing right now), and the new one will be Webdevelopment  = D

OK, enough rambling and procrastination from my side now i guess!

But hmm... should eat something.......


With love,


Elder said...

Indeed melinda no sooner then I managed to blog and actually wrote how good you where, and you revert to your ld bad habits. How ever I have to say though that you backed down within the same evening so even in your bad days you are getting better.
There will be ups and downs but as long as the ups are getting stronger and the downs are getting weaker we are on a good path. You will have a new torture session coming soon though...

May 10, 2013 at 5:59 PM
cuddlykitten said...

Yay!!! Both of you have posted! So happy about that!!! ^_^

I've missed you greatly!

*hugs tight*


May 12, 2013 at 5:38 AM
kiwigirliegirl said...

well done you for your studies....of course you will get top marks and I know you will for your exam too.
Miss you though :( - no pressure though ;)
As for being submissive...i understand. There is that need but its hard to show submissiveness unless dominance is shown.
Glad you two are working it out.
glad you are back to blogging too
hugs kiwi xx

May 14, 2013 at 4:53 AM

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