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The Return of the Jedi

OK, maybe not quite, I'm no Yoda -although we are just about the same size!  *LOL*

But I'm referring to myself. melinda is slowly finding her way back again -Sir has slowly pulled her back out from wherever she's gone in hiding. Amazing how He can do that even with extremely limited resources for communication!

So I'm slowly but surely finding my way back again, so beware -soon you'll have to put up with me again!


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An Update on The Addition

"The Addition" has been worked on -or rather sweated blood & tears and cursed over! But I think I'm getting somewhere  =)

I would love it if you came over and took a peek at it! A lot has happened since the first announcement -there's now a Forum for example!

Welcome to my & Brutus' Naughty Café for a cuppa and a chat about anything and everything!

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Hi all my readers,
I realize it's been a loud silence coming from here.
I'm supposed to write about my stay with Brutus for one. I've got writer's block. And more than that I miss Brutus and I don't want to write and just complain and feel sorry for myself.  I'm also feeling tired and bored, neither really promotes creativity or wit.
So for now, I'll just break the silence by keeping you all updated.

I'll be back!

In the meantime I hope your holidays are fine and merry!

Just realized this is also my 150th post!  =)

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Happy Christmas!

I want to wish all my readers a very Merry Xmas!

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This week PuSS will be a bit different. In honor of the holidays I've decided to do a
Xmas Special Edition mixing Vintage with Contemporary which means that this week you'll be able to vote for more than one picture -but please, I ask you to only vote for one from each category. Oh, I'm also posting it a day early, for two reasons; for one where I come from we celebrate Christmas Eve not Christmas Day and also I figured most of you will be very busy on Sunday so I thought I'd get a head start   =)

So to you all, may I wish you a very merrily kinky XXXmas











Oh, I almost forgot last weeks winner!
Here it is:

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Just a little Heads-up

I'm doing a Xmas special for the PuSS so the current voting will be closed a bit early (sometime today).

I hope you will enjoy it!

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Master is Coming Home!!

Well, He's going back home to His place. It don't mean we'll be together but it does mean that there are no time zones in between us! And I'll "have Him back" for two days. Then He's off again, but for more joyful reasons  =)  He's going away for Christmas to spend it with His family. That makes me happy. I hate the fact that I will barely get to speak with Him at all for almost two whole weeks!! (Sir, You better be ready to have Your phone flooded with texts! =P) But knowing He will be with His family makes it a (little) bit easier. It will make Him happy. It will be good for Him. Thus it makes me happy (when I'm not being totally selfish and absolutely hate the idea! Which is a lot of the time. Well I hate the disconnection, not the fact that He will be with His family). I will miss Him sorely (understatement of the year!), but I will remember His words of love and think of the joy it will bring Him to be there and I will think of our last time together -and I' will keep myself busy! *lol*

But for now I will focus on Him being back in the same timezone as me again, and the time that we can spend "together" up till then.

Brutus, Welcome Home!!

I love You.

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NO not that kind!! 
(Well, unless you count me becoming an aunt again)  

**Breathe Brutus breathe**  
*LOL* recovered yet?  =P 

So what's the addition then?  -I've started another blog!
It's still a TTWD blog but it won't be personal, it will be more reflective and topical and I hope it will become a place for people to meet and discuss things related to TTWD. I'm hoping it will become kinda interactive. I only started it yesterday so it's still a work in progress, but it is fully functional (I think!)

Anyways, feel free to pop in and take a look -and don't be frightened to say what you think of it! In fact I'd love your input.

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It's been a week since I started the post about my stay with Brutus -I'm sure it will take at least one more before I actually get it out to the public. Like I've written in my last post, basically just asking you all to bear with me, I'm a bit of a mess just now. Stuff in "RL" is going down and it's been taking a lot of my focus (OK, that's if you can ever call me focused), and as I said before I've fucked up with the meds. I'm hoping to get back on track with them soon, but it takes time.
I'm feeling down and tired. I'm not being a very good subbie just now, in fact truth be told I don't really feel all that submissive -no, I said "truth be told" then it should be told; I don't feel submissive at all. And that feeling throws me off further. Feeling submissive centers me, there's nothing centered about me at all just now. I'm running high but feeling low.

The crash that's come after leaving Brutus has had a bigger impact than normal -I think I might be having a sub-drop.
Happened after the first visit but it evened out after a couple days. Nothing like this.

I guess knowing Brutus will be away for a further two weeks with virtually no contact isn't helping either. Last Christmas was hard because it was all so new, had it not been for the fact that my visit, His overseas travel and Xmas separation all came at the same time it wouldn't be so much of an issue, I don't think.

I'm feeling bad for not being the subbie I should be. I'm not really at all at the moment. I'm supposed to go gym today, I haven't been. That's disobeying a direct order and breaking a promise all rolled into one. I hate disappointing Sir, I really do. The day is not over yet, it's only 1 in the afternoon, but I doubt I'll get there. The day started like an Armageddon. I'm drained. I'm not being bratty, I just don't seem to be able to force myself to do it, even though I want to. Because I do, and it would do me good. A world of good. But I don't have the energy to go. I can't bring myself to do it.
Even knowing that Sir will be disappointed in me. And frustrated. And disappointed. (Yeah, I know I already said that)
It makes my heart sink.
I seriously hope I'm back on track soon. As it is life just sucks. Only thing positive right now is that I know I'm helping a very close friend of mine that is in great turmoil (at least I'm good for something!), and that Brutus will be home for 2 days before He leaves again. MY two days! Everyone else will have to take a ticket and stand in line. MY two days. (Yes how un-submissive isn't that!! But Sir has granted me it so it don't matter! *grins*)

Anyways this is it for now.

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Pin-up Sexy Sunday Kink II

This week the Kink goes on!

Winner from last week's kinky PuSS






Next week it's Xmas!

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Spaghetti Head

I'm working on a post -well two actually- the first one is a post on masochism, the other one a kind of "summary" of my last stay with Brutus. But I'm not really getting anything done. My head's in a spin, my thoughts are jumbled and I'm feeling a bit lost and confused right now. It's been a hard landing with Sir going away for work in a different time zone. The time after my visit is always a bit.... "off", it takes a while to readjust to LDR again after having spent time together so intimately. This time there really hasn't been any readjustment, only crashing -a complete nosedive to be truthful. On top of that I've been bad with my meds lately, that don't help at all. And add to that that The Brat really has been a complete and totally horrendous Mega Brat these last few days...well, I'm kind of a bit of a mess.

So, please don't give up on me -I'll be back with you all shortly, sharing gory details, messy thoughts, bad attitudes and...well real life.

Please, bear with me.

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Pin-up Sexy Sunday

The winner of last weeks Top 10 Winner's Celebration is    pin up playing cards01 Pin Up Playing Cards


This week is going to be slightly different, the pin-ups are not going to be vintage and the theme is KINK 
-I hope you'll enjoy!







sorry it's late again!

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I am working on a post about masochism, it's a bit of a hefty one though, so I thought I'd just share this with you all in the meantime.

I think it has a lot of ttwd in it.
Anyways, it's not to everyone's taste, so for those of you who ain't hardcore enough can't get through it I'll also post the lyrics.

I love it though!

As end nigh, I need you to bleed for me.
And you, I need you to kneel for me.
Just one loosing battle is left to fight.
Your colors will stay frozen, red on white.
And I, I'll show how to bleed for me.

Don't let your anger turn to me.
Don't let your hunger feed on me.
Don't let your anger turn to me.
Don't let your hunger feed on me.

The gravel state of pain I have put you in.
The sacrifice and fear i will curse your skin.
But still, I crave more then you could give.

The ritual is born in this human waste.
My lips are covered with you escaping taste.
And now, yes now you can shine through me.

Don't let your anger turn to me.
(All of your hatred makes me bleed.)
Don't let your hunger feed on me.
(All your emotions makes me sick.)
Don't let your anger turn to me.
(All of your rose won't be redeemed.)
Don't let your hunger feed on me.
(Don't let your hunger feed on me.)

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First time Wonders

Brutus has a habit of waking me up in the middle of the night for sex, last night was no exception. I was lying on my side so He tried to enter me spooning. Didn't really work out (I'm....difficult at the best of times) so I decided to give Him a blow job, He let me (surprise surprise! *lol*). After a bit I felt really horny and crawled up and straddled Him. This is not something we've done so much, in fact I think this might even have only been the second time ever. I've always had a bit of a complex about Cowgirl, but boy am I happy I disregarded that this time! Why?
Because I had my first vaginal orgasm -EVER! And all I have to say is; OMG! no rather OMFG!! Yeah, kinda enjoyed that *lol*

After a few minutes of heavy breathing and Brutus showering me with praise I resumed what I was doing from the beginning, i e giving Brutus a blow job. Nothing as spectacular as mine I'm afraid, but then again He'd gotten quite a nice home-coming surprise earlier that evening  =P  I'm sure He survives -till the next one, I'm sure there will be several hours till then *lol*.

Anyways, the big news was that I had my first vaginal orgasm ever! And all you girls out there that get one just about every time -you don't know how lucky you are!

P.S.  This picture is quite descriptive of what it is like to get melinda to achieve an orgasm

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Up-close and Personal: An Update

Squirrel; here it is! 


About time for an update, don't ya think?
Well, it won't be for the faint hearted - you've been Warned!

I guess I should start at the beginning;

Thursday night I arrived at the airport where Brutus was standing waiting for me -we (i e the flight) were early (yeah can you believe that?!) and I wasn't the last one out either!

We did some vice-hugging and made our way to the car to drive home. The drive home included melinda sitting with her trousers and knickers pulled down to her ankles, fully exposed to Him to use as He desired (thankfully the roof of the car was closed up this time!)

20mins or so later we arrived to the flat. Car was parked, melinda groped (in the elevator with pants pulled down! Note, the ride lasts about all of 20 seconds!!), front door opened and within a few seconds melinda was standing butt naked in front of Sir. A quite excited Sir I might add  *grins*.
After some more groping (eh, some would call it teasing!) I was released to follow our ritual; while Sir goes to change clothes I pour Him a beer (in the tall glass I bought as a birthday present to Him  =)), when He re-enters the room I serve it to Him, whereby He takes a seat in the recliner and receives a blowjob from a very "hungry" subbie girl.
We're both urgent to get to the finish line, desperate for the re-connection and pleasure it brings.
Afterwards we snuggle on the sofa for a bit before Brutus heats up some food for us (broth with tortellini).

I can tell you all for sure that it wasn't just Brutus with me now The Brute certainly was as well! Eh, IS!! Sir is having quite a sadistic streak at the moment! Oh, I've had a taste of that carbon fiber arrow cane now! Owchy! Yeah very ouchy indeed! But nice at the same time, some points ;)  (Oh, kiwi for your information that was not for punishment -I'm yet to receive that. And god I'm sure it ain't going to be pleasurable!! *gulp and double-gulp*)

Now, what would a trip to Brutus be without a catastrophe or two?!

Last time it was the travel wardrobe (oh, I never did write about that did I? Sorry!), this time it was a bit less humiliating and a bit more disastrous and.... well, plain scary actually!
In the car on the way home from the airport Brutus had a bit of a "surprise" for me. Sounds great right? Eh, it was a marble. Yeah you gonna have to guess for yourselves what that was used for.

According to my normal bad luck I had my period. Well, not really a period but not totally "clean" either. For this reason I was wearing a tampon, since Brutus wanted me to be without underwear (which I wasn't by the way -totally out of pragmatic reasons though) and also because I know what He's like in the car ;)

OK so back to after dinner. Of course we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves and we ended up having sex. Yes, you guessed it (or no you probably didn't actually) -with the tampon and the marble still there! Bad, Bad, BAD idea!! REALLY BAD idea! Let's just say it took me a while to get the marble out and almost 24 hours to get the tampon out -that was hard work! Yuck, yuck yuck and squick! is all I have to say about that! So, please learn from my lesson and don't be so fucking desperate for a fuck that you don't take the time to do something about that little "hurdle" first!!

OK, let's leave the squick now.

It was totally fantastic being back in Brutus' arms, in Brutus' bed and in Brutus I was about to say but it was obviously the other way around!
(Yes, we're like rabbits! But hey you would be too ;) )

On Friday Brutus had to go work. We got up, I fixed coffee and croissants (OK, I'll admit it -I'm a really bad morning person, and morning subbie too! I often have to get tortured out of bed! Which don't really work to start with *lol* Eventually even I get out of bed though  =P )
I'll admit to being a not so efficient subbie that day (too). I was mostly fighting my laptop to be honest. When Brutus came home I'd crashed out on the sofa. (Oh, I'm sooooo bad! *sniggers*)

OK, this is where I finished writing a few hours ago -never a good idea! This goldfish can't do stuff like that, so instead I will tell you what's happened in the hours between then and now.

I finished typing around 12.30 to prepare lunch with Brutus. After that we had coffee in the sofa and watched a movie (Merlin I think it was). As usually is the case my breasts were absentmindedly played with during that time. Brutus loves breasts -no, He adores breasts! Which means He can't keep His hands off of mine -completely fine with me  =P  Well, not so strange perhaps is that I got horny. For a while I lay there just enjoying the ministrations. Then I thought I could get down on the floor, kneeling, and ask Him if I would be allowed to give Him a blowjob while He was watching the movie. Sounded like a good idea to me *grins*
But that little insecure being in me hesitated so I didn't straight away. I was gonna say that I talked her round to it but that's not right. I never "talk her round" I basically jump in while she looks away *LOL*

Anyways, so I did. I went down on my knees on the floor beside Him and asked. Not at all as sexy or submissive as it played out in my mind but rather clumsily and shyly. But He didn't seem to mind that too much ;)
I guess I don't need to tell you what His answer was?
I do need to brag a bit though  *grins smiles innocently like the saint that she is* I do boast about my blowjobs, I love to give them and they are generally well received. Today was no exception. The exception was that it was even better than usual (conceited much? not me! *lol*). I'll explain, but first I want to reference to a conversation generated from maui girl's post The Male Orgasm - Calling All Readers.

I'll pull a quote from it, this is part of Brutus' comment; "If I get a blow job, I become so sensitive I have to pull my dick out of her mouth soon after I came. Specially with melinda who happily continues sucking on my cock like a kid on a straw with an empty glass of milkshake."  Omg I laughed so hard when I read that! It's as true as it is written.

T1klish replied that she's the same way. "I keep sucking. But it's too sensitive, so I have to just stop and let it rest in my mouth. Hee!:)"  
She's a clever woman and I followed suit. I did last night (eh well, when I got woken up at 3.30 this morning) then this time I'm about to boast about. This time I did and I also very very carefully kept sucking. He stayed hard. He let me keep Him in my mouth. And eventually He orgasmed again. Yep maui girl, I managed to give Him several   -well two- orgasms after one another without pause.  *Proud*
Yeah, I know *laughs at herself*

OK, end of boasting -promise!

Let's move on then. Well after that we snuggled a bit on the sofa. I don't know what started it all but we started mucking about and I struggled against Him, He made a remark about me being strong. I obviously wasn't strong enough to do whatever it was that I tried to do and I told Him that, followed by "but I can cheat!" and so I did. Only what happens to cheaters? They often trip over their own feet! And although I got through the "wall" holding me off I fell right into His lap! Yeah like smack on ass up kinda thing. And that's exactly what happened. Only a little though and only lightly but I think my wriggling gave away my liking of it so He asked if I wanted a spanking. "Yes please". So to the bedroom we went. In the bedroom I lay naked on my belly and got a taste of the 2 hairbrushes; both like wooden paddles, one oval and one hefty square thing. Also His big heavy hands, the crop (Yep, The Meany) and the cane.

The cane I actually asked for (yeah I can see most of you shaking your heads at me!) You know how I said I like it at "some point" earlier? Well, I fucking love it! OK "at some points" it just fucking hurts, but that's cool too, as long as it moves on to something else soon after.
Let's just say I am amazingly red and welted and it hurts like a mthrfcuker to sit down!! *LOL* Be careful what you wish for right?  ^^
It's getting better now though, the trick is to not wimp out and just move about as normal (so stop with all the pillow sending and just sit down! =P  It's true though, it actually hurts less, apart from initially).

Goldfish confusion. I'm not sure what I'm writing, have written or am supposed to write anymore -but I think you've gotten more dirty details from me than ever before so don't complain OK?  ^ ^

As good a place as any to stop right? Yeah, I think I'll do that. Shush now, I'm trying to be quiet here! Got something to say? Well, write it in the box below then and stop bothering me when I type!
See, I'm going to stop now.

*** STOP ***

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PuSS Celebration!

This is the tenth edition of Pin-up Sexy Sunday!! (Well 10 winners)

To celebrate that I thought I'd do a Top 10 -so here's all the winners so far for you to vote on!

Winner #1
Winner #2

Week #3 was a three-way tie.

Winner #3
Winner #4
Winner #5
Winner #6
Winner #7
Winner #8
pin up playing cards01 Pin Up Playing Cards
Winner #9
Winner #10

So there it is, the Top 10 pictures so far! Which one is your favourite?!

Don't forget to vote!

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Countdown (t - x) = y

Some minutes later.....   t - ) 

Eh, no you're not invited! Sorry... ; )

Right about now:   =  )

Ehum, Hi!..... 


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Reading to keep an eye on

Reading to keep an eye on

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