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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Changing Views and Moving Boundaries

When I first entered this world -oh so recently!- I immediately thought "NO! No way! Why would I let someone do that?!" about a lot of things. A LOT of things. It fascinates me how quickly things can change.
Most of my initial "Never! That's a Hard Limit for me", have softened, some evaporated, and some have even become something I like or at least want to try.

I've pondered this a bit. At first I thought maybe it was altering because of experience, i.e. I've tried something similar which has played down the initial reaction of the activity. And yes, that is definitely one part to it.

The second one is perception.
I think when you come into this lifestyle and really don't have a clue, a lot of things seem to be way of the map, disgusting, crazy even. Well, I still feel that way about some things. But hey we're all different.

I realized my change in perception after Master asking me questions about likes/dislikes and what I think of certain activities. Then He did it again. With the same question. And I realized sometimes my answer had changed (which was the reason for Him doing it, to see if they did).
The other thing that made me reflect on this was that on one of the Internet Communities I use,  there's a Kink list you can fill out as part of your profile. Need I say mine was kinda full of - (minus)? Still is in some ways, just because I don't like to leave it blank for people to draw their own conclusions leading to unnecessary discussions.
But a lot of those - (minuses) have become +,  ++, or even LS (Life Style). And that in a very short space of time. For awhile it changed almost daily. And that's because I realized there are different ways of looking at things. Take Age Play for example. That was one thing that fell into the "Eeeh....NO!"- category. Because I took it literally. Now I can see the nuances to it, and it actually became a ++. Weird that isn't it?
Or is it really? Maybe it's a bit like a new location. When you go somewhere for the first time you see the beauty of it;  the smell of it, the vibrant colours and you get that warm and fuzzy feeling. And then you move there. And after a while all you see is that long bloody hill you have to walk up to get to the shops, instead of that glorious landscape you saw with your "old eyes".

Now thinking about it, that analogy was kinda bad. Because I think entering into the lifestyle of TTWD does exactly the opposite, well backwards from the above mentioned. My main point though was that after we've looked once, twice, thrice, things appear differently. And things that were kinda glorified in your eyes might look more mundane or at least become of a more realistic view, and what at first seemed really scary and off-limits might be something you actually want to try or even have come to enjoy.

That's the beauty with TTWD -it makes one look at things differently and pushes one to explore and learn, to see outside of what you instinctively think and feel is wrong and bad (because that's what we've been told to think!),  it's a journey of self-exploration, going into nooks and crannies you never even knew existed.With love,


lil said...

I have found it to be rather amazing how limits shift and move as we travel down the path of submission.

February 19, 2011 at 5:50 PM
NewToThisLife07 said...

yes it is a pretty amazing journey to undertake isn't it? =)

February 19, 2011 at 10:21 PM

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