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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Breaking the spell?

I've done a lot of bad as of late. I've been messing up, not only with Brutus, but also in my life in general.
But today i did good  =)
I got my lazy fat arse off to the gym  *grins* One day before deadline i may add!

Today melinda is wearing the golden GG mask, and it feels good.

Not only does the Good girl feeling feel good, the actual physical part of being at the gym feels really nice! (it's something i really need)

I've also decided to make my gym and exercise more public. I'm going to make a page of it (although as mentioned before it doesn't work as it should so it'll be a post at first), that way everyone can keep track of it  =D

With love,


Reading to keep an eye on

Reading to keep an eye on

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