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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bewinged & freed

Last night i was looking for pictures for my new blog. The theme was change/metamorphosis and was to be the page for posting progress pictures. As you can imagine you'd get when you type in the words Metamorphosis in a search engine you get a lot of pictures of butterflies.

I'm not going to write about that though, i am going to tell you about what happened with Sir when He came online last night.
I can tell you it was unexpected! But dang did i need it and dang was it good!

There's a reason i haven't written much here lately; i guess i've been confused, i haven't had any words to share because i haven't been able to put any words on anything. I've even been with Sir and come back home without you guys knowing it! But that's a different story (even if it does have some bearing).

Last night Sir was clear, demanding and precise -exactly what i need!

Last night Sir and i spoke briefly before our usual time and He was told that i was home alone this evening. He got excited and got some ideas -i literally couldn't keep my eyes open though so we decided to meet up at our normal time. And we did. I was forewarned i'd be in for a spanking.

After a short time He asked me to get His desired implements out. I was hoping for some more than that, so i asked if there was anything else Sir wanted. He sent a devious devil smiley saying that would be plenty, but adding that i was free to come with suggestions and special requests. For some reason i hesitated for a minute, and in my usual fashion i didn't actually come out with the words straight but gave Him hints to understand what i wanted. Don't ask me why, because i don't actually know why i do that.

But never mind, you probably wonder what my request was?
Some time ago, for when Sir was coming to visit me, i had bought a dog collar and leash. We never got round to using it, or in fact me even showing Him it. That was my special request.
It was granted *grins*.

He wanted me to attach the leash to something, but it's too stiff for that so i was told to put my foot through it so it was attached to my leg, and then connect it to the collar, but to not put it on.
i did as i was told.
Sir had me asking for permission to put the collar on, and i did so kneeling.

i can't tell you the feeling of getting the collar around my neck! But i'll try.
It was like a wave of calm and safety washed over me. You know a bit like when you feel small and vulnerable and get to crawl up close to them and feel their strength and warmth against you and you just sigh and want to purr? Yeah like that. Relief. Yeah, i think that's the word for it, relief.


As i kneel, i feel myself growing wings, and as my submission fills my senses i feel them open and spread, preparing to fly; set free in my restraints.

Metamorphosed from cocoon to butterfly.
From defiant & petty to pliable & submissive.

(Yes, i could see this in my head as it happened, my mind works like that -i've told you long time i'm not like others =P)

Freedom. That's what i felt. I was physically shrinking in size, but mentally i grew stronger and freer -not through independence but through empowerment from His power.

Freedom & relief.

God did it feel good!

[still purring from it 2 days later]

With love,


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Reading to keep an eye on

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