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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Better days

Today has been quite good  =)

- Especially compared to yesterday!

Från årsskiftet ska kapaciteten på tunnelbanans gröna linje utökas med hjälp av autopilot.
Yesterday i missed my tube by 5 seconds, which meant 9 mins waiting. I forgot to get off the tube and didn't even notice until four stations after!!   
(Yes, you're allowed to laugh!)
So, i had to get off the tube and go back. Only the train going back the other way left the station just as we pulled in. What does that mean?
7 mins waiting. So instead of being slightly late, as i would've been, i was 45 mins late to my course(!).

Did it end there? Of course not!
I also managed to ruin the majority of all the work i'd done at the course! Or at least so i thought.

So how has today been better? Well, i didn't miss a single tube, i was only 15 mins late to my course ( =P ), which is completely overshadowed by the fact that not only did i fix yesterdays damage -i improved on it too!  *grins*
A tad proud actually. It's really basic and just a shell really, but i have done it myself  =D

If i didn't like this template so much i might've changed it, but i do, so as it is i keep tinkering with it to the best of my ability -which is not easy with a template made for Wordpress, adjusted for Blogger, but with old invalid code. So i hope you have patience with me!  = D
However, i have taken the opinions in the poll to heart and i hope you can see some improvements. I'm really happy for people voting, it would be lovely if more did so, and even better if you were to specify what you dis/like.

Now it's time for dinner!

So long!

With love,


kiwigirliegirl said...

can I really laugh???? hehehe sorry, sometimes days are just like that are'nt they!!

October 8, 2012 at 2:00 AM

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