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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


i know i'm supposed to go sleep now (just signed off from chat with Sir), but i really need to write this.

After having spoken over the last few days about the health stuff that concerns me Sir has actually taken action! And i know He hasn't read my post, the previous one, so that isn't it.
He's followed my directions for caring for a wound He has and He's actually taken it upon Himself to make some healthier choices for Himself over the past cpl of days. And i am so proud of Him  = D
Baby-steps. Every little counts and opening one's eyes are the first step. And Sir has taken several. I am really proud of Him for doing something about it, i know how difficult it is to get started -that's always the hardest part! And it fills me with pride and joy that He is making the effort to do so.

I'll be right along side Him every baby-step of the way -even if i have do to it mainly from a distance.

Baby-steps Sir. Baby-steps that can lead to leaps and bounds  =D
i am hoping to share every step, every leap and every bound with You Sir -
i love You!

With love,


Reading to keep an eye on

Reading to keep an eye on

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