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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Two

It's day two on the diet. The shakes are still awful, but i managed to make the soup nice! =D Throw in some lightly boiled carrots and broccoli and a big pinch of cayenne (it's kinda spice-of-the-month just now, even before this) and some Parmesan cheese and it was actually nice! Not just bearable. I have however taken a bite or two of things (but i literally mean a bite or two!) and i just had four Table water biscuits (that contain no water what so ever! Had to laugh at that! *lol*).

Did you know that a tiny little throatie contains 7kcal?! And here's me trying to use them to not eat any calories! *LOL*

Tomorrow is gym deadline Numero Due. Let's see if this diet thing has paid off at all.
You're supposed to do the complete meal replacement for 1-3 weeks, i was gonna do 3 -I'm not so sure anymore! I'll keep it up till i run out, can't remember how much that is.

Keep your fingers crossed nothing unexpected comes to sabotage for me tomorrow!

Oh and to update you on the flat; it still reeks (in fact i think all my clothes do too from being there today). And i haven't received the bills for the rent -they're due to be paid in 4 days. Oh and they won't give me money for it either! (Yes, i'm on benefits.) And the person i need to hunt for all this has been unreachable all week.


Yeah, maybe you can keep your fingers crossed here too?

That's it for now i think....

With love,


Elder said...

Good luck at the gym today melinda, and the sauna afterwards.
Talk to you tonight!!

I really hope you can sort this disgusting cigarette smell problem.

February 3, 2012 at 7:12 AM

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Reading to keep an eye on

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