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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Fun

My day was...unproductive. But that's a different story.
This evening was something different though.

Sir and i "met up" on chat and we talked. We share a new fantasy, one that we are planning on realizing when we meet this time -now only a week away! (a loong week though :| )

From there i got the order to go get my clamps.
I said Yes Sir, of course, but maybe with a little less enthusiasm than apparent.
But got them i did.

Yup 2 of these

But they were not put here   

nor there  

not "anywhere"

but "there".

Yes, There!


1 hurts, 2 Fuckin' hurts!
I told Sir i wasn't gonna make it for long - i've become such a pussy! Pardon the pun  =P

I asked Sir to distract me. His reply: -sure do you want me to put more? :P

*lol* some distraction huh? More like winding me up :P

(Of course) He was kidding (-well that's what He said at least! ;) )

I told Him i don't think i can do this. Now Sir tried to distract me for real.
- i can't do this Sir.

- OK melinda are you sure then remove it.

-Give me a min

I took a min. It got easier, but for circulatory reasons i removed one.
It hurt. Like...a lot  *lol*. And when Sir asked i told Him so.
His reply: mmmm hope you don't mind me liking that *laughing devil smiley*

He said that if i were there he'd massage me to help overcome the worst
perhaps get me in subspace.

I told Him Yeah that seem pretty far off now! 

- do you need to remove?

- need or want?

- need

- no Sir

(Just really fucking wanted to!)

Sir's next words melt me to my core:

you are a good girl melinda
*very proud of subbie*

I wasn't managing so well anymore though, and although i was pushing to make it through i knew it wasn't an evening for pushing boundaries, just toeing up to them, so i told Sir i was moving towards needing.

- OK melinda you have control
-Try reaching needing point.

Now i know exactly what Sir meant by that, because i do have control. Playing LDR-style i need to have control. Only i can gauge my body, physically as in circulation and such, and also my reactions, since He can't see me. (We don't do video) [That don't mean i stop just because i feel like it though, that's my safety. I never remove without asking permission -and being granted it.]

But for some reason that sentence kinda freaked me out. Or, OK maybe not freaked out, but it didn't sit well with me. It felt off. I don't know why because it is as it is, like it's always been.
But i guess seeing those words you have control.... i dunno, it didn't feel right. So i told Him.

- i don't want control....that thought messes with my head   :S

- ok i'm at need, question is how far in on that need Sir wants me to push

I think this surprised Sir a bit. My reaction, not the fact that i don't want to be the controlling party in our relationship, but at my almost panicky reaction of having control -or rather i think it might be panic at having to make the decision, to decide what was enough. More over, i guess, good enough (Yes, light bulb-moment). As Sir later pointed out; i can be pretty hard on myself.

- melinda do you want me to decide how much you need to hold
- OK I will take control again
- wait 2 mins

- 2 mins..... ok 2 mins.

(It turned out to more like 4mins -must be something wrong with Sir's watch *lol*)

He told me how much He loves me.
And after i'd removed it He asked if i was OK.
Which of course i was -am!

Then i had to go remind Him that tomorrow is day 7 on the countdown. 1 week till we'll be together!
But yeah, what does that usually mean?

I have till 10am (that is 8hrs from writing moment) to have as many orgasms as i like. Then it's a FULL STOP until Sir gives me one.

" Until Sir gives me one "

(Sounds so good! But it's a week! *sigh*)

It will be a long week!

With love,


Elder said...

My watch is fine melinda.
It is all a matter of when the 2 minutes start :-P

April 1, 2012 at 6:18 AM

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Reading to keep an eye on

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