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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Just a quick status update:

I'm still unwell. Went to the doc last night for both me and daughter.

Verdict; Virus, wait it out. UGH! I do think we are heading in the right direction though (please please please do not get jinxed!). Daughter is still coughing so her lungs are about to come up though  =(  Poor thing. She's getting scrawny, and to her delight she's acquiring quite a six pack *lol*

The flat..... *sigh*
F**k knows.
Refurbishment has started -yay in the way that i will have a completely new bathroom! Booo for having to live in a building site for 6 weeks =(
with no water nonetheless *sigh*

Now for some good news:
Tickets to go see Brutus are booked! Two weeks in Brutusland   =D
In beautiful spring weather i hope. He'll even have one of the weeks off! Mmmm, can't wait!
Even bigger news is that a week after i've come home again Sir will be coming here to see me! That's a first. And yeah to be honest i am a little bit nervous about that. I'm not sure why though, i just am.
Not because He'll meet my daughter -she already wants to marry Him! *LOL* And they've not even talked more than on IM *lol*
5 year olds....

For obvious reasons gym has been out of question =(
Why does this always happen when i get going and set goals for myself?? It means my challenge screwed up right from the beginning. *Pouts*
Well i'm determined to reach my 8 weeks goal even if i might not reach the half-time goal.
And after that there's  Beach 2012    =D
Hmm i need to work out the goals for that. Guess they kinda depend on the result of this one. Goal weight is 55Kg though. Wonder if that's possible with building too? Should be.
Let's hope -at least it's the goal. It's good to have goals   =)
But there's a few months left for that anyhow.

Well, i think that's all for now. Can't think of anything else right now at least.

So till next time,

Over and Out.
With love,


Elder said...

We will have a wonderful time melinda and also when I come to see you. No reason to be nervous.
One of the things I love about you is that we can be as we are. No need to keep up appearances. so no worries melinda.

A virus, indeed just ride the ride. Nothing that can be done. I hope you are getting better soon.
Good luck with everything. Looking forward to talk to you in a few hours. And I hope to be in better shape tan yesterday when I was just exhausted....
Puss melinda, I love you

March 8, 2012 at 7:00 PM
kiwigirliegirl said...

ohhh my poor friend, nothing worse than a virus because there is little you can do but rest - so i hope you are resting. Take good care of yourself OK :)
Dont worry about your gym, setbacks happen you cant do anything about it and its not your dont be too hard on yourself. I failed to do my walk yesterday (and I got away with it hehehe). ITs too cold to swim now - Id need a wet suit...thats not a pretty picture right now lol....
take care, talk to you soon my friend
kiwi xx

March 8, 2012 at 9:22 PM
painspleasure said...

Hope your feeling better? its difficult when your ill but you have a little one to take care of as well..its hard to get that much needed rest....but try to.


March 9, 2012 at 11:35 PM

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