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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unknowingly granting wishes

You know how i said i hoped for more maintenance and play yesterday? Well sometimes it's like they hear us even though they haven't even read the post, you know?

Sir came home from work early yesterday -to my surprise. It meant i wasn't finished with my chores, but He said it was OK since my time was cut short (i have done them today though btw! *GoodGirlIam*).
I was happy to hear that -i'd been horny all day and just wanted to...well you know ;)
I finished up what i was doing and we had a beer.
It was too early for dinner so we occupied our time with...miscellaneous activities ;)

We ate dinner and enjoyed some nice wine and later we put on a movie (Underworld: Evolution).
Afterwards we moved to the bedroom to be a bit more comfortable and some snuggles (no, that's not covert for sex -that's still to cum come ;) )

Anyways, to get to the important part; eventually we played. *Grins*

He must've been feeling devious because he wanted to put this on me!
Now it's tiny (as you can see, the memory card is just to demonstrate the size), so you might think it's light and innocent too? I can tell you it definitely is not!
Especially not where he put it. Can you guess? No, further down. Yes, not only down there but there. You know?
First time round he could not let it go, it was too much. I took a...what you could call a pain-preparation moment, and then said he could try again. This time he let go. Owowowowch! He's delighted it's on,so what does he do? He gets up and goes to get the bloody camera!
From a different room!!
Hmm i think i might have cursed at this point o- :-) (see the halo? It tilts a bit but it's there! =P). He took a picture then he was kind enough to remove it.
But he didn't stop there. I was told to turn over on my belly and he got the crop, the paddle and the shoe horn. He's become very good at warming up though i must say! =) Took a good "beating" without being all black and blue today =D
After some time i asked Sir if he would consider changing implement. He asked me if i wanted him to go back to the shoe horn (i think), but i wanted the belt. For some reason i like the belt. He was nice enough to grant me my request. I took 28 lashes to start with -i was kinda proud at that, i've only taken 10 without a minutes breather before! But the OCD in me begged him not to stop. He laughed when i told him he couldn't stop at such a number as 28. He wasn't counting -i sure was ;)
We ended up at 50. Yep, 50 *grins*
I think there was some more activity after that but i can't remember. Well, i can't remember what happened right after. I do however remember what came after that. It was time to turn over again! *gulp with a big G*
My memory fails me but i know he used the crop, the shoe horn and the belt. On my stomach/abdomen AND my pussy. I think both sides of the shoe horn, as when he used it on my backside earlier. That hurts -no correction: pussy whipping FUCKING HURTS! And it is so difficult to stay still and not close your legs -the reflex to do so is so strong! (Haha for some reason that makes me think of you Kiwi! =P)
It's not even the pain that is the most difficult to handle -it's the fear of the pain that is difficult.
I'd say 2/3's of pain is in your mind. Therefore you need to be in control of your mind to be able to control the pain. Focus is key. It's when i lose focus that the, what i call, panicky-pain sets in. Panicky-pain is anything but good. It's a show-stopper. This is usually the time i say "Pause" and take a few seconds, or even a minute, to recompose myself, find focus, and maybe even dig deep for some courage. Not to mention willpower and stubbornness. (This is the Pain-preparation moment {from now on known as Ppm})
Now i hope she don't mind me mentioning it, (but since she just posted about it i hope she won't) but me and kiwi has spoken of this before. I've always said it's unfair of her Sir to expect her to be still and stay in position when he gives her pain -especially considering he's not the most light-handed person out there. I never actually realized she meant she was hopping around the room though! *LOL* My sweet sweet kiwi -luffs ya chix!
Her own description of it:

"I jump around like something not quite right, like jumping beans.  I cannot manage to stay in position.  And when I say I don’t stay in position, honesty,I jump up and hop around the room like a kangaroo on speed."
Well, my friend, i hope maybe i've helped you a bit there with what i wrote before. Step 2 is to get Sir to acknowledge it too.
Focus, control and willpower. And when that's failing, a possibility to regain composure by getting a moments "Pause" for some Ppm. Rinse, lather, repeat.

As an end note: let's see what Sir has got in store for me tonight. I'll be sure to let you guys know ;)

Till then have a continued good day or evening depending on where you are.
See you soon!

Just for you kiwi:
 You know   xxx

With love,


Fondles said...

ok i've just had my pussy spanked tonight too... so i hear you on the pain.

and you're possibly very right about the anticipation of the pain being worse than the actual pain.

November 27, 2012 at 4:27 PM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

thank god i'm not alone! *lol* sorry for the lack of compassion ;)

November 27, 2012 at 5:09 PM
Elder said...

The mini peg is actually so small it fits only well on 1 organ. Luckily it is a nice organ for SM play. You did well melinda

November 27, 2012 at 6:22 PM
kiwigirliegirl said...

the only place i have agreed to be spanked is my arse and the back of my thighs...nowhere else at all. so how you girls can take a spanking on the pussy or breasts is completely beyond me. Hats off to you :)
Thanks my friend, your supportive words help.
I think Sir just needs to take his time and warm me up first before really going for it, you know. And yes its is panicky pain that sets in the brain and then its all over rover.
Just another struggle to get through :) its all good though
hugs kiwi xxx

November 28, 2012 at 1:27 AM

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