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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jinx Pinx Schminx

Yeah, i know of no one that can Jinx the way i can!

You know that post from yesterday?
Well you can cancel it!
My luck ran out last night. Yep! I wanted spanking? Yes. Not this kinda spanking though. This spanking was no fun. Not laughs and giggles and squirming. It was gritting teeth and tears. It was....dispelling demons in my head. It was...not fun and games.

Also my attitude was different last night. I was no longer feeling warm and connected and loving. I can't say when that changed. I can pinpoint the last thing i did to embody that feeling, but nothing more than that. Maybe Sir can, i dunno.

We'd been watching the second installment of Underworld. Normally i can't watch these things -sadly, because horror stuff was all that i used to watch once upon a time =(
Anyways, with Sir it seems possible. Although this time maybe i didn't walk away from it completely scot free. Afterwards my head was...noisy. I'm not sure i can explain that better than that rather than noise it's pictures. Images, relentlessly flashing behind my retina, and no, it's not nice cuddly pictures. 

Head feels a bit like this....


....and sees a bit like this:

i was considering at making these ones into an animated gif.  -but that would just be stupid right?!
Sometimes the geek in me takes over o.O

And yes i Googled that shit! Clever? Not in the least! Guess what next search brought up? Yep the one thing that i absolutely cannot take AT ALL! Yeah, it's what i used to see at night when i was once borderline-psychotic; the fucking girl in The Exorcist (and no that was not a pun, didn't even think of it at first). OK, i'm sharing a bit much here now.....TOO much i think.Anyways....spanking usually helps. Sometimes it starts it but it also relieves it. I'm not gonna use it as an excuse to say that was the reason for my attitude, nor will i say i should not have gotten punished. They were not really related issues.You know, i've really lost my thread you surely have noticed!My phone is calling me, and has been for like the past 2 mins, so i'll go check that then see if i can remember what the fuck i'm talking about when i get back (insert eyeroll).2 mins later: Do i? Do i fuck. Oh well...i guess we skip all the freakish stuff that will just make all of you see me as a freak and go back to the spanking part you all feel at home with.
Yeah, the spanking.It was....endurance.Nothing else.Although nice at the same time. Or nice is not the word, but maybe good?A bit like exorcising demons (excuse the bad pun).Trying to remember what the actual spanking consisted of....Crop, belt, shoe horn. Hand. The usual suspects i suppose.Funny how 1 activity can be perceived so differently in 2 different circumstances huh?
My head's a mess after writing this. Disregard everything i've said, i probably shouldn't have posted it -but you know me, i can't help myself once it is written.

Oh btw, if you're wondering, the spanking and later 2 benzo made sure i slept just beautifully all night long -until Sir wanted me for sex that is ;)


Ciao for now!
Next time i'll try to be more..."normal"
- i promise! (ehm, kinda...)

(Oh and now we're downloading the last movie of the trilogy -wish me luck! *lol* =P)
With love,


cuddlykitten said...


I understand the weird head space. I don't think you're crazy. Maybe a little off and triggered, but that happens.

Hope you can get back to a better place soon! :)


November 28, 2012 at 8:37 PM
kiwigirliegirl said...

and the moral of the story is dont watch anymore Underworld!!! Gees woman. Hope the demons are all gone now....spanking does help
kiwi xxx

November 29, 2012 at 1:04 AM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

*LOL* well we watched the last one last night, they're all finished now -would've been fine too had they not made the girl look something like the exorcist (i swear she's haunting me!) and if Sir did snore so damned much sounded like i had one of them werewolves in bed :P

And kiwi my friend, i wasn't aware i had any moral :P

ck:thanx babes :) <3

November 29, 2012 at 9:01 AM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

DIDN'T snore it's meant to say of course ;)

November 29, 2012 at 9:02 AM

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