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Friday, November 25, 2011

Sex and explanations

First I want to explain why the countdown posts have come a bit erratic. I have had problems with scheduling my posts, Blogger has not obeyed my commands! Huh, go figure, it must know I'm a submissive! *LOL* Anyways, I just wrote a moaning test post about it, and lo and behold of course it worked! Shouldn't really complain about that should I?

Anyways, the explanation is that the posts have been posted as and when I've been able to. So like yesterday, although it was posted when it was 7 days left, it was in fact 7 days and 23 hours left.
And sometimes I've posted it with just a couple hours left of the day, hence the confusion of there sometimes being two countdown posts with the same date. Also the day-break isn't at midnight but at 19:55 -the time of my scheduled landing  *grins*  That's what the timer on the front page is set to and it's that one I follow.

OK, so now I'm going to confess that there is actually not anything about sex in this post at all!
But it's how you say 6 in my language -I just thought it would draw your attention  =P  *sneaky*

It was difficult choosing a picture for this one; there were so many cute ones, but being a metal head there were so many cool ones too.

I decided on this one, it's from a short animated student film of 11 minutes, called 9, that Tim Burton and Shane Acker turned into a full feature-length movie. To promote the movie they handed out small character cards at Comic Con International (2009). This card is -obviously- number six, and it being "to lead us" and being the number nine reversed, I found it apt, tying in with my number nine post and of course with Dominance.

So, with the scheduling seemingly working again I hope the countdown will stop being so confusing.
With love,


Elder said...

Cool linda. lucky me that in reality the skills of a Dom are not the equivalent of the skills of "managing to get your head around the perversions of Google"

I would be in nappies tied to a St. Andreas cross if they where the case....

November 25, 2011 at 11:31 PM
Sweet girl said...

Hey stay off the S:t Andrews Cross -it's mine!! =P
Ooooh....melikey *grins*

November 26, 2011 at 2:24 AM

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Reading to keep an eye on

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