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Monday, April 2, 2012

Just some random thoughts and updates

On Saturday i travel to Brutus.

This makes me smile just thinking about it  =)  Well that and some other, more physical, reactions too  =P

They are getting somewhere with the flat.
Bathroom is starting to look nice with walls and floor almost done. Seeing the sink and stuff standing in boxes in the hallway is encouraging (although slightly inconvenient). Everything else is a mess. A complete and utter mess. That is mostly my fault though. Shame on me! This weekend past i had lots to do -i did  n o t h i n g!
Well, went to a footie game with The Brat last night (soccer to some of you), it just ended up with one pissed off sulking mum (yes, that's me!).
I'm thinking of going down to the housing office to choose the wallpaper that is going to get put up while i'm gone. Yes they are  a c t u a l l y  doing it now! (oh please don't get jinxed!)
I'm also planning for the gym.

Although saying "thinking of" and "planning to" is the wrong outlook in my eyes -it always leave an open backdoor to  n o t  doing it!
So; i'm going down to choose wall paper  a n d  going to the gym.
There, now i've said it.

Oh and i'm planning on restarting PuSS next weekend -yes, here i say  p l a n  to, because it kinda depends on activities with Brutus  =P

I was also considering having a chat night over on Thoughts and views on Dominance and submission 
i need to find an acronym for that! TavoDas? Seems a bit long to me *lol* 
How about TvD/s? *LOL*  Tv D/s (no we're not gonna start broadcasting! Thought amused me though. I'm easily amused sometimes haha!)
Nah! TvD/s it is! (unless someone has a better suggestion?)

So, now you know what i mean if i write that!
OK, about the chat. I need of course check this with Sir, but i figured it would be good timing, me being there to sort technical difficulties in person and all  O-=)

What do you guys think of that? You in?

OK, i think that was all.

I'm really  tempted to lay down on the sofa and shut my eyes for a bit. I really shouldn't though should i? But i'm  s o  tired.... =(
C'mon guys peptalk me! Maybe some breakfast will help? I'm starving actually.

Ok, that's it for now.

See ya laters!

Oh, as a little paranthesis: Brutus is on His way home now from never-ever-land! So no chat tonight, but tomorrow He'll be back in the right timezone, a n d  it will only be F O U R  days left till we're together!  *grins* 

OK, third time lucky  -Ciao!

With love,


simplyHis said...

Count me in for the chat!! I've been waiting for this since you first mentioned it! ^_^

April 3, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Elder said...

Try to organise it while you are here...

April 8, 2012 at 5:44 PM

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