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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A week with my love

Yes, a week's gone past. Sir remarked on it's rapid onset only this evening. For once i don't think it's sped past. It's been a good week. It's been very vanilla. We have a habit of making it so, no matter what intentions we have prior to my arrival. We spend so much time missing each other that when we finally meet we can do nothing but cling onto each other. Embracing each other. Snuggling. With huggles and through sex. Feel each other. Hold one another.
To be honest i've lost count of the amount of times we've had sex (and the amount of bj's given -we all know how fond of them i am *blushes*). Someone asked in their blog (FD maybe?) how many were having sex at least once a day. When i'm here once a day is a low. Guess there's a lot of once a day's to catch up on *lol*.

We've done a fair bit of things so far though -apart from the sex  ;-)

We've been into the very same city we visited the first time i was here, although I'll leave that story to Sir, because to be honest i have no idea how to tell it without disclosing our location. I can tell you we had a really nice time though. The weather was nice, the view spectacular and of course the company lovely.

Other than that the weather has been pretty shite to be honest, rain pissing down several days. The nicest day was one of the days i were unwell so unfortunately we didn't go out at all that day. That was kind of a bummer.

Oh the other day we actually went to dinner at one of Sir's colleagues' house. That was kind of significant -it's the first time we've made a public appearance so to speak. I was really nervous about it, although i succeeded very well with pushing those feelings away. I was worried i'd embarrass myself -well us- with having a panic attack. I didn't. In fact it went really well. They were very nice people and i instantly felt welcome and safe. Not a common occurrence for me i can tell you. Even when Brutus left with the man of the house to get dinner and i was left with one person not speaking English at all, and her daughter trying to translate, even then i was ok, no i was fine , good even.

In two week's time the next "test" will come when Sir will come to me. Where He will meet my daughter and Terror, my best friend. Maybe even my mum.

I'm not sure I'll handle that as well. But who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself again.

But i digress.

The time here has been very good. The little S/m we've done i will write about in a separate post. Now i will attempt to sleep with a very restless and snoring Master. Let's hope i can make Him more comfortable (no not like that! That i've already done :-P).

Nite nite.

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Elder said...

It was a very nice first week melinda. And yes more vanilla then we always discuss that is due to the desire for sex in combination to you being such a good subbie that I have no reason to be heavy handed with you. Your post was of yesterday and that was before I broke the shoe horn on your ass. I am sure you can write some more about that.

The place we have been is: Lets call it very unique. And no you can not describe it without disclosing it.

Puss, melinda, thanks for the wonderful week. Looking forward to the one to come, albeit not to the fact my vacation is over...

April 14, 2012 at 8:13 PM

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