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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Vanilla Week Sprinkles

So the first week was very Vanilla -in fact most of my stay has been! As usual not what we'd planned for, but how it turns out. This time even less kink than normal i'd say.
We did have one pain session in the first week though. Sir brought out His newly acquired clamps  -binder clamps i think they're called.

They look like this:

They were surprisingly vicious!
On they were like most clamps -painful! *lol*  But a good kind of painful.
I figured they'd be "kinder" than the paper clamps since these ones have rounded rather than sharp edges -but surprise surprise! i think they might actually be worse!
It took a lot of effort to manage the pain of getting them off -as well as some fist biting and "silent screaming". Dang it was harsh!
But once finished it was good. Didn't reach subspace but i got in that relaxed state, not groggy relaxed, more refreshed relaxed -a bit like after a gym session!

(Oh speaking of gym, not much exercise has been done here -not the conventional type anyways =P)

The session ended with some good sex (surprise again! *lol*).

There's been a couple spanking sessions as well.
On one occasion a shoe horn (that i foolishly bought for Him!) and Sir's belt were used.
20 lashes with the belt and i had to ask for pause -damn that hurt! I don't even know why i counted, maybe to find out what i could take, i dunno.
After a brief pause to catch my breath i got another 6.

The shoe horn i got for Sir is particularly vicious -there's two sides you can use! The actual shoe horn (of course) and then at the other end it has a rubber loop. I guess it's to hang it up on. OR you can use it to make your subbie scream FUUUUUUUCK! into a pillow! *lol*
Hey i bought it.... (how stupid can a subbie get? after 1½yrs i still haven't learned not to buy items that can be wielded as pain "weapons" *shakes head*)
The rubber loop isn't thin and meek either -it's robust stuff!
It looks like this, only it's red:

Shoe Horn with Looped Hanger 
And guess what? He managed to break it on my arse!
It didn't like break in half or so but the loop part can now be removed from the horn ( aha! *big mischievous grin spreads over subbies face* think if it just happened to fall off somewhere? Somewhere we-don't-know-where? ^^ )

Oh, you know how i said that i never learn to not see stuff that can inflict pain? When looking for pix for the shoe horn i found this:


i kinda like it  =P  Calf skin must be so much nicer than plastic right?  =P

Anyways, back to my shoehorn. And oh yeah speaking of calves -that loopy thing on your calves hurt like FCUK!
Kiwi my friend, remember how i pepped you to exercise by saying that muscle hurts more than fat? Wow did i get reminded of that!! My calves aren't big, but what is there is pure muscle -33cm of muscle! And holymotherofgod did i scream into that pillow! I think i actually swore that i'll stop going to the gym *lol* "No more treadmill for melinda"  *LOL*

So those of you who are wishing for a Loopy Johnny -think twice! And trice, and then again, and again, and again! *lol*
They're MEAN!

Yesterday i found the brushes that Sir use for paddles (hidden in plain sight Sir *lol* =P).

I don't know if you remember them from before, but one is like this one  only with metal "spikes" -with no plastic bubbles on them!
The other one is of this type 
Someone said they used the paddle because it was one of the silent implements  -mine is no silent!! It has a loud and resounding SMACK! sound for sure!
(I wonder what the neighbours think we're doing? Beating carpets in the middle of the night? *lol*)

Sir also likes His crop -again no standard items for Sir, Sir goes all out!
It's not a nice little crop like this 

Nope it's The Meanie! I think i've showed it before, but here it is again:
(this time picture is from a retail website)

65cm blue riding crop

Designed for REINFORCING the action of the RIDER’s legs. Multi-purpose, suitable for all disciplines.

Why to choose this product : 65cm in length, so ideal for adults. Very solid.

Yeah no shit it's "very solid"!


Elastomer handle and popper, polycarbonate shaft.


Ergonomic design
Handle is suitable for both young people and adults.
Centre of gravity is close to the hand to prevent wrist fatigue.
Popper will make a noise with only a slight flick of the wrist.


Polycarbonate shaft: excellent resistance to bending and crushing.
Anatomic design
Ergonomically-designed handle with non-slip handgrip.
Length 65cm: multi-use, for all disciplines..
More Sharing Services

Hmm yeah, i had brought a new thing this time around as well (*shakes head at herself*), a thin studded woman's belt.
That was used too.
And the "cane", which is really a carbon fiber arrow.

Oh, and Sir's own hands too of course!

So although the sessions may not have been many, writing about them i realize we have done quite a bit anyways.
Hopefully even more when Sir comes to see me! Different toys (although i do have a Meany as well *gulp* Yes, the first one He bought He sent home with me). There will be quite a bit Vanilla too, since The Brat is gonna be at home at least part of His stay with me. But yeah, different toys, different turf. Maybe different....rules. Stuff. Whatever.

OK, sorry for the many pictures! I was considering to put in some pictures of the "damage" done -but there are quite enough pictures now i think!
(how convenient =P)

And also it's almost half past 11 and i haven't lifted a finger here yet! And Sir will be home for lunch in about an hour -so i think it best to dash!

For now -Ciao and Adios!

With love,


Elder said...

Oh I love the crop, and melinda did not even tell where I like to use it the most.
Talking of vanilla with sprinkles: I am quite fond of my new method to make a blow job less vanilla.
No binder clamps needed, though that was fun as well. Think BJ + breast play = mmmmmmmmmm

April 18, 2012 at 1:05 PM
Elder said...

PS: The picture shows the short crop. What does the website say about the long crop?

April 18, 2012 at 1:08 PM
simplyHis said...

I think you need to make another post, just so you can put up the "damage" pics. ^_^

I'm sure your audience would love to see those! *grins*

April 18, 2012 at 2:08 PM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

Sir The crop information has been updated (incl. picture) of that of the longer crop, i have even included the specifications for it ;)

Hmmm my version of Your equation Sir would be more like:

Pain + BJ = (Pain + pleasure) + (pleasure)(pleasure) = Pleasure + Xtreme Pain =

= Mmmm

April 18, 2012 at 2:25 PM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

sH: damn! Thought i'd gotten away with it! =P
We'll see... ;)

April 18, 2012 at 2:28 PM
kiwigirliegirl said...

that must have been one huge session my friends :) Elder has a fair fine collection of implements - a shoe horn huh? sounds interesting and my Sir keeps ranting on - er i mean talking about a riding crop too. They hurt!
And yes i rembemer the advice muscle hurts - ive been doing a lot of step aerobics and works the glutes big feeling it.
Hugs kiwi xxxx

April 18, 2012 at 11:59 PM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

Kiwi if your man is going on about a crop make sure you get a nice sweet leather one! Oh i forgot about the one sessions that turned into a giggle fest instead! *Lol* we are so serious and dull :-P
Yep as you can imagine that session wasn't much of a session - but fun we had!
Thinking of writing another post, though i can't decide what to write about.....

April 19, 2012 at 12:54 AM

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