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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sir wrote a post this morning, about part of my stay with Him.
I never ever ever thought i'd be compared to a stepford wife ever! At least not as anything but the opposition, but hey life throws curve balls at you *lol*.
But i think Sir is right, in many respects we do go very DD when i am there. I like doing things for Sir, so that when He comes home He can sit down and just let go of the day past, slowly letting it fall off His shoulders, if only for a little while.
Coming home from work should be a highlight, something to look forward to not another necessity or something that you want to put off.
No, i want coming home to be pleasant, positive. Something to look forward to. And it's usually the little things that makes the difference.
I'm just speculating here.
But take Friday for instance. I had some stuff to do that i had been putting off for most of the week and this being my last day i really had to get them done, so in the morning after having waved Sir off to work (after getting up way too late to make Him a breakfast before He left : | ), had some coffee and a light breakfast (oh and some blogging) i went off to town. First item on the agenda was a task from Sir; go to the train station to cash in a credit receipt. Check!
Then some shopping. Just minor. I had yet to buy something for my dear friend Terror's birthday (which i missed while i was away =( ), and also i remembered i'd promised The Brat a summer dress.
Check! Check!
It was getting close to lunch time now and i better hurry home before i'd be late for lunch with Sir.

To my surprise i could see Sir standing on the balcony looking for me as i approached the house. I could see His phone in His hand so i whistled to let Him know i was almost there, although He didn't seem to hear it. Or register it -i can whistle LOUDLY (although i didn't really dare to now, so it was just...moderately low *lol*)!
But i digress.
My point being that things weren't as they usually are when Sir comes home for lunch.
I wasn't there to start with.
I think that kind of threw Sir off a bit.
Now had this been after work and not just for lunch it might have made an even bigger difference.
Like i said, i like to welcome Sir home, and it's the little things that count, so when possible (i e when i manage to catch a glimpse of Him before He drives down the garage) i pour Him a beer in His favourite glass (that just so happens to be one that i bought for Him *grins*) and have it standing on the kitchen table for Him to see as He enters the front door.
I have had other things on display before as well *lol*, not so much this time though i'm afraid. Next time ;)

I think the major difference that is developing is not the lessening of D/s in our relationship, but the lessening in the display of it. Which is also what i think is the major difference between BDSM D/s and DD D/s (to try to make a rather simple distinction).
This time there was not really any kneeling, no sitting by His feet, no such things. Things i love btw, but also things that should "just be", unless it's in a set scene of course.
I've come to realize that we don't really do set scenes, we just do what we feel like it, when we feel like it (sounded really democratic didn't it? *lol* To some extent it is -but that's not so difficult with a slut that says Yes! to 99%  =P)
Sir is right though, the play has become less, both in LDR and RT, which might sound like it's a bad thing, but i'm not sure it's good nor bad.
We're evolving and changing constantly, and with there being so many other changes around us to, well it's not always easy to know where to stand. So we tend to "just be".
We're very physical, "touchy feely" people, so no matter how much or little else there is we always touch. Always, like constantly. Which is quite funny considering i have real issues with physical touch and having my personal space "invaded" (only Sir don't invade it, He own it, maybe that makes all the difference?), and to be quite honest, i don't think i'm the only one with intimacy issues in our relationship (*looks carefully out from behind the sofa*), but for some reason when we're together we don't seem to be able to be anything but intimate. And i'm not just referring to sexual activities, though they are very prominent *lol*.

Yesterday evening when i was speaking with Sir online as we usually do He said "it almost felt like we permanent live together", and He's right, it does feel like that. He's also right in that it's "a double edged sword becasue then when the time comes for you to return it is a rude awakening". And rude it is.
But as i said in my post last night (early this morning); the fact that it is not easy is in itself a good sign of the strength of our relationship.
Sure, one might get "more used to" parting from one another, but the day it becomes easy is the day to start back pedaling i think.
When "see you in a few months =(" becomes  "OK see you later then" ...then you missed the back pedaling spot.
We're still pedaling very much forward =)  (and sideways too! *lol*)
Last night Sir also say that i make Him vanilla *LOL* -i suppose we do do that to each other. Strange huh? A Dom and a sub comes together and things become vanilla? haha. Guess it depends on how and where from one looks at it, i suppose.

Anyway, now i'm rambling, i can't even really remember what it was i started to write about, and i don't have time to check either -reality calls, it's time to pick up The Brat.

See Ya's later!

With love,


Elder said...

there you have it my Stepford subbie, puss

April 22, 2012 at 4:03 PM
Terror said...

Missed you too.... Alot :( but now your home and soon you other half and if sunil is happy me happy <3

April 24, 2012 at 6:29 PM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

my sweet Terror <3
need to see you soooooooon!

April 24, 2012 at 8:56 PM

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