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Friday, September 30, 2011

First time around (Part 4): The red sofa

KLIPPAN Klädsel 2-sits soffa, Granån röd

It was the day before I was leaving, which should put us to Thursday (day 5). We hadn't left the house all day and it was now afternoon, don't ask me what time. I don't know what led up to it but I am now on Master's sofa, lying on my back, naked. Brutus is sitting at the side of me, on the floor. I don't remember so much details but at some point He got up and got the clamps. No, not nipple clamps. Heavy duty black glue clamps, with pivoting tips. They're fierce. They hurt. He put them on my breasts, 3 on each I believe (?). It was intense -really intense! I was struggling, but in a good way. Master could see it was difficult for me and comforted me. He stroked my cheek whispering sweet words to me -although I can't remember them, I just remember His voice, it was soothing, comforting, making me feel safe and warm.

He asked if He could proceed but I wasn't ready. I said no. He kept stroking my face, the top of my head, keeping me grounded I was gonna say but I wasn't grounded at all! I was floating higher and higher into the clouds, further and further out into the atmosphere till I was touching at space. After awhile again He asked if He could proceed, this time I said yes, although I wasn't 100% sure, but I know how I work so I knew it was cool to proceed. So He did. Now He applied them to my belly. I think this time it was three too, or was it 4? I don't know, all I know is that it was intense! Soooo intense! Again it was difficult to manage, but Oh so sweet! He continuously comforted me with His soft voice and His tender touch. To this day I can feel the touch of His hand against my cheek when I think about it.
He applied some clamps on the web between my thumbs and index fingers too. And on the "chicken club" part of the thumb, and on the opposing side of the hand. My hands were also tied together by a soft rope I had gotten up to get from my suitcase at some point. In the end I think I had a clamp in between just about every finger and on the sides of my hands.
I really wasn't feeling anything but pleasure at this point, I felt the pain, but it wasn't really painful anymore, I was so far up in the clouds.

After a bit Master reminded me that we needed to get ready soon if we were to go shopping for stuff I wanted to bring home with me. I no longer wanted to go, but I mmmm'ed half consciously. I don't know if it was a minute or two or ten before He again gently urged me. I said OK, but don't think I made to move. I couldn't really. He sat Himself at the top end of the sofa, lifting and placing my head on His lap. I was like a limp ragdoll, I could not control my body much at all. I didn't even really want to speak, but when your Master speaks with you you do your best. ;)
Eventually, a few minutes I think, I managed to pull together enough muscle power to pull myself up to curl up in His lap. This place I wanted to leave even less.
I don't think Master understood at first that I literally couldn't move. I was all heavy, like lead. Sitting curled up in His lap was wonderful, I'd have stayed there for eternity if I could have (OK, maybe not quite eternity *lol*). But I knew I wanted to buy stuff, even if I really didn't feel like moving an inch just then. But being cursed blessed with a brain that is equipped with a 2-track mind I used the rational one and got myself up -if extremely unwillingly.

We got ready and went shopping -at the Supermarket.
It felt a bit odd at first -it was such a mundane thing to do, can't get much more Vanilla than shopping groceries at the Supermarket now can you?
But it was nice  -it felt so.... so normal. :)

We drove home again, put away the stuff and I think sat on the sofa for a bit, snuggling. We like snuggling. We snuggle a lot (even virtually =P).

After that I actually think Brutus cooked some food -He's a good cook!  :)
With love,


Elder said...

I think the "red sofa" experience was the nicest "thing we did" during melindas stay. I have equally fond memories of it. I remember she was in pain, and to me it looked like she was not going to be able to hold out any longer. I basically had 2 choices: Abandon the session or try to comfort melinda. It was not premeditated and totally improvised. Afterwards I was very happy I choose option 2, not in the least because I learned a lot about melinda and my self.

September 30, 2011 at 6:15 PM
Sweet girl said...

*smiles* we have some unforgettable memories already Sir, and that's just from a few days -imagine what can happen in 2 weeks *grins*

September 30, 2011 at 6:36 PM

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