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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The first time around (Part 5): The last spanking - an offering

The last spanking. The last sex. The last day.

But before the butt comes background  =P

In part 4 I told of the 'red sofa' session and the shopping thereafter. Well now you'll get the after that, but before the butt.

Well as I wrote we came home and Brutus cooked us something to eat, and we did drink but I was wrong it wasn't beer it was wine, rosé to be precise.

We went to bed. We had sex (Yep, sorry that's all I'm saying about it -for now at least ;) ). We went to sleep -no, correction: we made to go to sleep, Brutus slept -I didn't! Unfortunately. Guess the old body clock realized it was time to go back to "normal" again.
And then there was someone that kept me awake too!! Only this someone was asleep and didn't even realize!

Yes Brutus loves this part, even though He don't remember about it, just the fact that He could keep me sexually frustrated for a whole night -without even trying! Yeah, that brings Him some satisfaction.

How did He manage this whilst being asleep you say? Well, we were snuggling at first, we like being close, on- and against each other. I love this too, a lot. But as time flew by with Brutus asleep and me awake the more I got frustrated, at this point mostly at my inability to sleep. Then He started frustrating me too! He would be pinching a nipple -hard(!) playing with it for a few seconds, and just as I was starting to feel >>Yes! Mmmm finally, mmmm that's nice....>>   then He'd stop!! And no, it wasn't even a control thing -He wasn't even bloody awake! Grrr....


At one point I woke Him up by making Him hard   =P  I begged for sex! He said He wanted a blowjob first, then He'd fuck me. I gave Him a blowjob -happily, I love them as much as He does!  =P
We both enjoyed it, it was....nice. *lol*

Feeling good after having given Him the blowjob I curled up against Him to snuggle for a few minutes. Only took Him a second and He was asleep again. *sigh*

I was getting very very frustrated now!
If I'm to be totally honest I was getting agitated.
It wasn't really all about sexual frustration though -it was just a BIG part of it! The gasoline that lit the torch  =P  But I think it was all just kinda catching up with me; I was feeling emotional. I was tired. I was berating myself for not sleeping and I was feeling over all sulky for the fact that Sir was asleep. I know, I didn't say it was rational! But at least I wasn't irrational either! If I had been I would've woken Him up  =P

But, so yes, it turned into a long night. I'm used to them, only then it's on my lonesome.

At one point I was lying on my side, with Him behind me, although I had moved all the way to the edge of my side of the bed, with my back turned to Him.
He wasn't having it -at all!
He tried to pull me to Him, I resisted.
He tried to roll me over to His side, I resisted.
He then grabbed a firm hold of me and dragged me across the bed, so I lay "little spoon" to Him *LOL* -all this and He was STILL asleep!

Thankfully He's an early riser (at least without a good reason to stay in bed  ;) ) so He woke up around 6-6.30 or so and asked for coffee -I was already on my way  =)

I made us a drink of coffee which we consumed in bed and then Sir decided to jump in the shower.
While He did I stretched out along the bed; I was feeling soooo tired.
I had a wicked thought!
I fixed the bed a bit and put out some pillows to place under my hips -this took some trying, apparently small people need quite a few of them to get good results  =P

So there I was, sprawled out on top a heap of pillows, arms over head, legs splayed out and ass in the air. Yep, I was setting myself up for it  =P

Oooh! I forgot to say! When Sir was finished with His coffee He said: "I'll jump in the shower and then I'll come spank you" (I think He might even have swatted me one *lol*) So there you have the explanation to the wicked thought.

Did I mention I was tired? ^^

*LOL* We'll I was -must've been considering I fell asleep like that! Ass in the air and everything!
I woke to the sound of Brutus getting out the shower. It took another couple minutes before He emerged, and I was really struggling to stay awake *lol*.
I didn't have to struggle for long, well not with sleep anyways  =P

I got another one of them "good reactions" again (ooh! just remembered there is another one I haven't written about!) -He was soon on the bed touching my exposed bottom -and almost just as soon He was spanking it!  =P  First with His bare hand, then with the brush. My backside was positively on fire! It was burning hot and bright red and all nice and tingly.
I actually got close to tears.
 I only told Brutus this recently -only because I hadn't seen an importance in it.
At first He was surprised, He hadn't realized. So I told Him "no, I held them back."
Of course He wondered why.
Why did I?
I don't actually know.
I also wasn't crying from the pain, well not in and of itself at least. I think I was just overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with sensations, tiredness, love and grief.
Grief?! I hear you all say. Yes, grief. This was my last day, in a few hours I would be travelling home again. It saddened me.Greatly. I didn't want to go.

But this wasn't really something I did consciously, and to be honest it would just have been one of those cases where there trickles down a tear or two.
Exertion, that's all.

After that we had sex for a loong time, in fact till when the alarm went off to get ready to go to the airport in the afternoon! Well it got snoozed  = P
OK, maybe we did some breathing in between -maybe! Just maybe, can't guarantee it though!


With love,


Elder said...

I had actually tears in my eyes..... from the laughing whilst reading this. I don't know why but I found so hilarious then and now, what you can do with a subbie whilst sleeping. And who said men can't do 2 things at a time??? I think it was also the only time I really pissed off melinda. Good thing we ended it on good terms with great sex.
By the way also melinda can do things in her sleep: One night I was awake and she was a sleep. And low and behold I had access to her nipple. I am not the type to let a fantastic toy like that sit idle, so decided to pinch it and see what it would do to a sleeping melinda. I was not disappointed, melinda did as melinda does. When she is tortured she controls the pain by controlling her breathing. And thanks to my little night time experiment I know know she can do this in her sleep as well with out waking up. And I am able to modulate her breath with my thumb and index finger. Great piece of engineering this melinda....

October 1, 2011 at 8:14 AM
Sweet girl said...


October 1, 2011 at 8:48 AM

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