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Friday, October 7, 2011

The first week

My first week here has been wonderful!
It feels so good being here natural. It's not where I live, but it's the home of my heart.

I've now been here for half my stay. I've settled into the domesticity very well I think -which is amazing, because I really am a messy rat! But I've slowly made progress (-and put my mark on) in the keeping of things here. I've always wondered how people could do the whole housewife thing -it ain't so bad actually! *grins*  Especially not in a paradise like this!
I enjoy doing the whole house thing for Him, I actually like the service part a lot more than I thought I would. I liked it last time too, but I didn't know if I'd keep liking it for a prolonged time. So far I do.
With exception for the cooking -it can be very frustrating! (And I really do mean very *lol*) For the ones of you that read Brutus' blog you will know that He is trying to let go of control in the kitchen -trying being the operative word here! At first it was quite funny actually -I've met someone that is just as (or maybe even more?) anal retentive than I am! Let's just say the role of Sous chef or bystander don't suit Him so well! *LOL*

On the S/m front we've been a bit mismatched, but that is of no fault of Brutus. I've been at the beginning of my period which always makes me extremely sensitive and I'm used to being a painslut, so it's very frustrating to me! Plus I'd been on a weeks abstinence and we hadn't played so much in the week or so before that either. Which means I'm not so desensitized any more. But it's moving along. Now all that's needed is for this damned period to finish so that we can go back to having amazing sex again too! At least Brutus gets His daily blowjob(s) -which I love! But it's like an aphrodisiac to me, so to not be able to have sex afterwards is really frustrating! I just really hope this period won't be one of those long outdrawn ones.

Apart from the sex and the kink and the cooking we haven't done much, since He is working. I've been to town a couple of times though and yesterday I actually took my first run here in Brutusland! It was really nice. I think I ran 5km or so, and I actually jogged/ran a lot more than I usually do. Usually there is a lot of power walking in there too.
I got home just before Brutus, so when He'd come home I took a shower and then we snuggled on the sofa for a bit. I love snuggling up to that man! And it felt so good being physically tired too. I'd started being so day-tired again, I think going out running helps, it's refreshing for both mind and body. I do wish there was a park nearby though -running on asphalt kills my already very bad knees  =(  Good thing I brought my brace with me.

Last night when I couldn't sleep I realized something; I've been finding myself in the wrong head space. I haven't felt very submissive at all, in fact I think I've been quite tetchy at times. I don't know why that is, and it's something I need to fix now that I've become aware of it. I'm in fact getting a few ideas of how as we speak (well as I type). I hope I succeed -and quickly!- I don't want our memories of my stay here marred with me being a brat! Well, I'm not being a brat, just a bit moody. I guess maybe I'm a bit hormonal, but that is no good excuse, I need to try to reign it in better.

But now I'm aware of it at least.  I'll do better Brutus, I promise!

But now I need some breakfast -I'm starving! After that I'm not sure what I'll do. Well I know what I'll do roughly, just not in which order. Then Brutus will be home for lunch -it is nice when we can have lunch together!  =)  Makes the day seem shorter when He isn't gone for such a long stretch of time.

OK, now FOOD!

Laters Y'all!With love,


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Reading to keep an eye on

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