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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Open mic night

I asked Brutus if He would write a guest post from His POV of my "First time around"-series, He kindly enough accepted  =)

Open Mic Nightmelinda has invited me as guest blogger, and I have accepted.
Tomorrow she will travel for the second time to me, so this is about the last opportunity to blog about the first encounter.
I already wrote in my own blog that I felt like a child in a toy shop. One of the discussions we had was how would the initial encounter be. We had many ideas about it, so much so that not all could be carried out at the same time. One thing I wanted for sure, and that was to collar melinda. I had already bought her a collar, one that you can configure online. It is a fairly simple one and the purpose was to allow her to wear it always. It is inconspicuous enough for that. In fact once at home one of the first things I did was to collar her. It is amazing how much symbolic power comes with such a simple act. The collaring went on for her whole stay. It would come off in the evening, and come on in the morning. Unfortunately melinda turned out allergic to the collar, or rather the nickel bits of it. She can not wear it always and by the end of the week she needed a break from it.
As you can read in her blog, I also gave melinda a spanking, and I used an electrical wire on her. She is tough and did not show any sign of  buckling under my treatment. For this reason she was a bit more on the receiving end than I anticipated. The same happened when I was playing with her vulva later on. I was a bit rougher than I should have been. No injuries or lasting damage, but for a few days she was quite tender which meant I had to very be careful with her until almost the end of the week. I managed to avoid this with her titties so they where used quite intensively during the whole period. 
I had some more choices to make, and one of them was to treat melinda as guest. I know this is not very Domly, but I had my reasons for it. One of them being that I was still establishing my self as her Dom and I do not believe it is possible to go from 0 to 100 in 1 milli second, so I had to make priorities. It does not mean she was pampered all the stay, only certain things I would still do. One of them was the cooking. I do not think I can ever completely give up on it. I just like it too much and regarding this I am in a dilemma, making her cook makes her my servant but at the same time requires me to lose control over the cooking process.
Another decision was to play the tourist. This is a no brainer. She does not have many vacations and the area I live attracts people from all over the world. The advantages are clear: an extra tool to get to know each other better and strengthen our relation. An opportunity for melinda to see the local attractions. 1 week can not be only BDSM so having some nice activities to do in-between makes the sessions extra special.
Back to the kinky department, I am not going to give a blow by blow, (pun intended), account of the sexual activities we had. I have to say though, in a nutshell, melinda is a good sex machine both for rough and tender sex. One juicy detail, (other pun intended), as proud as she is of her blow jobs, as proud I am for being the first one to have positively confirmed found her G-spot. She even doubted to have one. I told her she should ask her gyno to find it for her, but she never followed up on that recommendation, and so I am the one to have pointed it out, literally *grin*. In any case you can read again in her blog, I nearly managed to give her a G-spot orgasm. So this one remains on the to do list.
The last day of our encounter we had the best sex I had for a very long time. So it was a perfect end to a successful visit. I also believe we've started to see each other really as a couple since then. So we upgraded from online to long distance. The goal now is to increase the frequency. To this end she will travel to me within less than 24 hours. This time around will be different but also a great success and food for blogs....

With love,


Sweet girl said...

Actually, the collar stayed on all night too, only came of for showers ;)

As for all the rest I'm just smiling =)

October 1, 2011 at 9:26 PM
Elder said...

OK the point is it came on and off :-P
Puss, sweet girl

October 1, 2011 at 9:34 PM
Sweet girl said...

Puss, Awesome Man

October 1, 2011 at 9:41 PM
maui girl said...

This is just beautiful. Thank you for posting, Brutus. It is really powerful to read about the experience in your own words from your POV.

October 2, 2011 at 12:22 AM
maui girl said...

Ok, I have one more comment I just can't help but make. I've been thinking about Brutus' cooking comment. Isn't it Domly to do what pleases you? I would think Brutus could (should) cook all he wants simply because he likes it and he wants to.

There could be lots of devious ways melinda could be made to help as a slave. First, wearing an apron (and nothing else). Personal assistant, fetching items upon request, cleaning up while Brutus cooks, setting the table, serving, cleaning up afterwards? Brutus just does what he enjoys and melinda must do the rest.

Just some thoughts! Have fun you two. ;)

October 2, 2011 at 5:58 PM
Sweet girl said...

maui girl I'm sorry I never replied to this -I was in flight when you typed this and in all honesty I forgot about it afterwards (I'm sure you understand that though =P.

I agree with you to 100% and it's quite how it goes. Well He tried to let me do more but although He probably thinks He did I can let you in the secret that He didn't really let go of that at all *lol*.
Apart from those damned onions!!

Again, sorry I forgot to reply & thank you for your suggestions :)

October 27, 2011 at 1:58 PM

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