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Monday, May 7, 2012

The rest

OK, so i've told you guys about my little  image  episode, let's move on to more positive stuff now.

We were really lucky with the weather, having mostly warm and sunny weather. The day Sir arrived was clear and sunny. I met Him where He stepped off the airport shuttle bus. From there we walked into the station and bought His travelcard and a coffee. From there we took the tube (metro) back to my place (man was that...let's say Sir is used to driving, not public transport *lol*). We walked the short distance from the tube to my house, where we settled in and had a nice cold beer. Well, mine ended up standing on the table for awhile while Sir enjoyed His....  ;)

After that we snuggled i think. We both love snuggling. Being close.
Later on we got a take away from the local Wok place.
I believe we watched a movie later in the evening.

The next day i got up and made us some breakfast, although i can't remember if we woke early or slept in. I don't think we did much this day, later in the evening The Brat came home, as i told in the last post.
This was Sunday.
The day after, on the Monday, The Brat was home from nursery, her gran was coming to pick her up in the afternoon to take her to the bonfire that is part of the celebrations we have the evening before May 1st. She'd stay the night there and come back home the next day.

Sir and i considered going to watch one too but we never got that far  =P

The Brat came home on Tuesday evening and it was such lovely weather we walked to the park just a short walk from my house. It's like a huge playground. I invited my dear friend, that you know as Terror, to join us with her kids, and she did. So this was the first person that Sir met out of "my peeps". They seemed to get on fine, although i kinda went AWOL, as i tend to do when her son is around *lol* he's my "buddy". Afterwards we went back to my place to eat. Terror's kids totally fell in love with Sir too! *smiles*
My lovable Brutus

It was later when they'd left that Sir read a book for The Brat. Thinking of that still puts a smile on my face, it made me so happy to see them two all cozied up in the sofa having a laugh  =)

I don't think i've done as much as Sir and i did in years! On the Wednesday Sir, myself and The Brat had an all day outing, it was a really good day. In the morning i had a meeting to go to real quickly, but after that we got some breakfast then we took the tube that took us to where we could take the boat out to the island (archipelago?) where the Zoo, the theme park and loads of museums are located. We went to a place that is dedicated to the books of Astrid Lindgren (you all know Pippi Longstocking right?). It was great, we all had a good time there. We ate lunch outside in the sunshine and checked out the gift shop where Sir bought The Brat a book  =).

To get back into the city we took the tram and then we were going to take the bus from there to go to the City Hall. Only melinda has the worst sense of direction ever and never found the bus stop! *lol*
The Brat was too tired too we soon realized, so we sat down and had a beer outside in the sun at a place situated in a famous square (TB read her book, she didn't drink a beer *lol*).
 It was lovely (although i think out of the 3 of us i was the one that liked the sun and heat =P).
After that we headed for dinner at my mum's! Yep, it was the "taking home to mum"-step. It went well. My mum is kinda laid back, we're not very formal in my family -actually we are totally not! It went well and i think they liked each other  =)
My mum had cooked dinner and baked cakes ( i think she kinda wanted to impress Sir a bit *lol*).

From here Sir and i went home, whilst TB stayed with my mum a couple days, to let Sir and i have the last couple days alone and also so that i could take Him to the airport (in the middle of the night).

Thursday was the day of obnoxiousness. We went to the Old Town for the day. Shame it was Thursday, the munch i used to go to are held at a pub there, but it's on Wednesday evenings. Would've been cool, but there will be other chances =)
After our day in the City we headed home to Terror where i cooked us dinner and we sat down to watch Revenge (TV series Terror and i follow, you probably know it -please no spoilers!!).

I'm trying to think what we did the last day but it's failing me...Oh yes! We lounged most of the day then in the evening we went to Ice Bar, a bar where everything is made out of ice! Maybe you've heard of the Ice Hotel? We don't have the hotel here, but we have the bar in a hotel in the city. It was cool (no COLD! *lol*  OK,bad joke. But cold it was, minus 5 to minus 8 degrees Celsius).
Then we went home, snuggled, finished watching a movie and then we cuddled up and slept -well, Sir did, i snoozed for about an hour. Then at 2.30am it was time to get ready for the trip to the airport  =(

And that was it. That was Brutus' week long stay with me.
Now it's a week until i go see Him again  *grins*.
Been a lot and frequent lately, but it will get a lot more difficult from here on  =(  
But for now we'll enjoy each other's company once again, the rest is later.

So i guess the countdown can begin right here, right now:

With love,


Elder said...

cool and it seems all true. I will comment later in a more comprehensive way.

May 8, 2012 at 12:03 AM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

a total of 140views on the last two posts together, but not a single comment? why does no one comment anymore =(
my fault i guess for being so bad at blogging lately....

May 8, 2012 at 1:50 AM
Elder said...

Now melinda don't be ungrateful to your lurkers. My own blog counter still runs for the greatest part on that one post in January called "Slut". And do you hear me sulking? :-P

May 8, 2012 at 7:03 AM
Elder said...

This first visit to melinda was very much a next step in our relation, and the theme in this next step was very much vanilla. That is logic as it included meeting family and friends with children in a vanilla world. I am very happy that we have passed that test, and that is the: "Can the fuck buddies also function in the real world - test". The outcome is triple A. And that is fantastic, because by now we agreed we are in it for the long haul, and kinkiness alone is not a wide enough base to sustain that.

As for the Brat as you call her. I am happy she accepted me. It is also a prerequisite for a lasting relation. And she is overall popular with everyone. You can be really proud of your Brat.

As for your own brattiness on Thursday, you put it right. It was noticed; it was made clear to be unacceptable; the message was taken in by you.
Actually that is the essence of Dominance: Correct transgressions with a minimum of corrections.
As said in my blog: In the end you did not get the announced spanking. Just because it did not fit the context of our encounter. It did not feel right for the moment. And that was my call. But the spankings you will get in a week time will be in the context of reaffirmation of our roles in our relation. It will not be punishment anymore. You have apologised and that was enough and proportional for me.

Just remains one thing to say: Last week was the nicest one I had in a very long time. And I have to thank you for it.

May 8, 2012 at 7:31 AM
mostly mouse said...

Sounds like a lovely time!


May 8, 2012 at 5:01 PM
simplyHis said...

I really should comment more often...I'll try to keep up with that! :)

It sounds like you had a wonderful time together! It also sounds like y'all were very busy too!

Hooray for getting to spend more time together in a week!

May 8, 2012 at 6:23 PM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

Yes, please do sH ;) =P
Yes it was a wonderful time, and yeah busy *grins*
Thank you both for commenting =D

Sir: No, thank You Sir
I love You :-*

May 8, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Anonymous said...

hey my friend, im sorry im not keeping up so well, your week with brutus sounded like total bliss. you sounded very happy and content and that is so nice to read.
love and hugs KIWI xxxx

May 23, 2012 at 5:08 AM

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