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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wide open

On my last post  Sir commented on me posting in secret while He's sleeping. Although i do post when He's asleep (right now even) it has never been done secretly. I have never hidden or denied posts. It's all out in the open -like always.

Anyways, when Sir was writing that i was in the midst of making an apple crumble. The plan was (at least mine was) to have that then set up the movie and give the surprise. I forgot. We started the movie and i didn't remember about it until late in the movie so i waited for it to finish before giving it. Unfortunately that means it was very late (about 00.30) when He got it so there wasn't room for much use but it's been tried and tested and liked - by both of us :-D

I'll let Sir speak for Himself (nice subbie that  i am right :-P).

Here's what the surprise was:

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ooops, never got posted last night..... *hits publish*
With love,


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Reading to keep an eye on

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