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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sassy vacation

Both Sir and i have been very bad at blogging lately -for this i apologize!
I have not forgotten about you guys, i.... i just haven't gotten round to blogging. i guess i haven't known what to write. Which i suppose is kinda odd considering how much Sir and i have seen each other lately -and more is to come!  =D

I think the week past has been the most Vanilla week ever for Sir and myself! Yeah i know, it kinda sounds like we're losing it right?! We're not -although going by my behaviour attitude this past week one might actually think that was the case!
I dunno what's been up with me. Probably a mixed bag of stuff, tends to be right? And maybe the...... extensive Vanilla flavour actually has some significance. The more Vanilla flavour, the more Vanilla sass? I dunno, just speculating here!

Sometimes those jaws catches its own ass!

I've kinda been....bad. Sassy. Huffy. Dare i say bossy?

Sir even said obnoxious -although here i disagree (again! Why not, it's the cause of it all, right? *lol*)
But wait! Before you run with it hear me out!

Let's look at the word  o b n o x i o u s  for a minute.


Extremely unpleasant.
Synonyms:odious - abhorrent - abominable - loathsome - hateful

......actually, i retract. The more i look into the word, the more it fits -and now i'm  r e a l l y  ashamed!
OK, i might still call for the milder degree of the judgment here! But nonetheless, i will stand for judgment.

Unpleasant i was.

I wasn't being willfully obnoxious though, something(s) just didn't feel right. Well, i didn't feel right. It was not one specific thing. In fact i think the "reason" kept changing throughout the week. I must admit Sir was very patient with me -He was more than patient with me, more patient with me than i was feeling worthy of! Yeah, you hear me, right? Getting annoyed at yourself for being annoyed doesn't quite sound like a successful story ending does it? Well, that's because it isn't.
I was feeling overall irritable and touchy. Grouchy. Sullen. And it bugged me that i was acting it out. Which made me even more irritable and grouchy i suppose.

The day of which Sir has written a post about this was particularly true.
The day started of shitty with a bad dream. Not a nightmare or nothing, just a plain shitty dream that really got to me, and it stayed with me throughout the day.
I should have gotten punished for my behaviour. And i use the word 'should' because we agreed on it. Well, Sir stated it and i agreed.
It never happened. I'm not about to cry out that He didn't follow through or anything like that. I understand Him not doing it. He probably should have though, but that's not the point.
I knew i'd behaved badly, that is the point.
Paying a prize for your misbehaviour is not the vital part, the realization of it is. The rest is just 'tactics'.

I do think i need a spanking though. No, i know i do. Probably as means of punishment too. I think i just need a reminder of our positions and roles. Not for the fact that we've been really vanilla lately. That's not really it. But maybe i do need to get reminders during vanilla time that we're not only that. That there's more to it.
However, how i'm handled is completely up to Sir. Not only in what He thinks is best for me and for us, but also in how He wants to handle it. Both the situation and me. Both at the time and for the future.

But even with my obnoxiousness we had a lovely time.
I loved having Sir here.
And as nervous as i was about it, i loved for Him to meet the other people that figure in my life. Especially my daughter. The Brat absolutely adores Him!
At first she wasn't gonna leave her dad's car when he came to drop her off, i had to bend her out of it -only to an hour or so later asking me to ask Sir if He could read her a goodnight story!
Wow, was that funny!
One book, two languages, one Sir avoiding the 'private parts' pages of the "My body" book she'd chosen, and she flicking back to them *LOL*.
It worked out very well though -especially considering the language barrier! They make a cute pair  =)
Which is terrific! It would seriously suck if they disliked each other.

Overall a very successful first appearance of Sir.
There's much more to write about, but i will stop here for this time.
More to come.

Buhbye for now!

With love,


Elder said...

Now you make it sound like you have been obnoxious all the time. This is absolutely not the case. And what you call the brat is in reality a typical nice kid of her age. But for sure you 2 are birds of a feather. Perhaps the 2 of you together are more then you can handle your self from time. I can imagine :-P

May 8, 2012 at 6:55 AM
melinda Sweetgirl said...

you are right, we are birds of a feather, and yes it's more than i can handle at times. But when i named her The Brat she really was a major brat. And i have to call her something here right? ^^

May 8, 2012 at 9:44 PM
Anonymous said...

my friend, i do think you are on to something - the more vanilla lifestyle, the more vanilla attitude. And that id when we surely do need a reminder of who is who - and sometimes the mere fact we realize how badly we have acted we still need those consequences. We are very vanilla at the moment becasuse of my arm, at first i was very very submissive, more thn ever before, but now im slowly healing and getting around a little more, the more obnoxcious im becomming. My sir is running out of patience!.
im glad Brutus had such a lovely week with you, i know how nervous you were, and im so glad it all worked out. Happy for both of you.
love and hugs KIWI xxxx

May 23, 2012 at 5:15 AM

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